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You Need to Know the Right Way to Curl Hair With Flexi Rods

The Right Way to Curl Hair With Flexi Rods
So you have been wanting to have the perfect curls with flexi rods but don't know how or which diameter of the rod is apt for you? Here, HairGlamourista gives you the right technique to use flexi rods, and also the appropriate size of rods required to attain those beautiful curls.
Mukta Badipatla
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Flexi Rod Size Chart
1/4" or 3/8"- Tight Curls - For Short Hair
7/16" or 1/2"- Medium Curls and Volume - For Mid-length and long hair
5/8", 3/4", or 7/8"- Voluminous Curls - For Medium and Long hair
The one-stop solution to have bouncy, tight, or loose curls, without heating your hair, is to use flexi rods. They provide more consistent curls than iron curlers. These flexible long rollers are easy to use. Whatever be the length of the hair, flexi rollers perfectly fit the bill. When compared to other curlers, like snap-on rollers, flexi rods don't cause hair breakage. Where heat rollers frizz out your hair, these rods refrain from marring your hair.

So, like many other women, have you also been complaining about flexi rods not giving you the perfect curls? Then we are sure, you are not doing it right.
How to Use Flexi Rods
◙ Wash your hair with a mild shampoo, and apply conditioner. If you are thinking of giving this step a miss, you will end up with curls that won't last more than a couple of hours. If you can't shampoo your hair, then the least you can do is, make them soaking wet.

◙ Now, apply a generous amount of hair wrap lotion or setting lotion to your hair. Its purpose is to hold your hair together, when you tie them up with flexi rods. Excess application of this lotion will give you rough and hard strands of hair. Use it in moderation.

◙ Using your fingers or a rat-tail comb, detangle your hair and make separate 1-inch sections of the hair. Do remember that once the rods do their job and your curls are set, you will not be able to comb your hair. Even if you do, you will end up disturbing the curls.

◙ Now, take the flexi rods and wrap sections of your hair around them. Start working from the backside to the front. While wrapping your hair around the rod, start from the tips of the hair and roll them up towards the roots. Do not wrap more than twice, in the same spot. Bend the rod into the shape of a ring or a horseshoe. This will prevent the rod from falling off.

◙ Once done, wrap your hair with a satin bonnet and leave them overnight. If you cannot leave them overnight, then use a bonnet dryer to help the curls set in perfectly. Simply sit under the bonnet dryer for more than 50 minutes and once your hair is dry, pull off the flexi rods from your hair.

◙ Pulling off the rods before the hair dries will result in half-done curls, which won't last long.
Long Hair Women
While using flexi rods on long hair, decide how loose you want your curls to be. Then choose either a 1/2" diameter flexi rod for medium curls, or 3/4" diameter rod, for a good volume and slightly loose curls.
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If you have short hair and wonder what size your flexi rod should be? Use flexi rods which are 3/8" in diameter for tight curls. But if you prefer loose curls, then go for rods that are 7/16" in diameter.
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If you have straight hair and wish for a loose curled or wavy hairdo, then cut short on the hair setting lotion. To achieve this look, use a 5/8" diameter flexi rod.
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So how to make curls look natural on mid-length straight hair? Use 7/16" or 5/8" diameter of the flexi rods and then loosen up the curls with your fingers for the 'natural' look.
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To make curls in weaves, flexi rods are the right choice, because other heating appliances can melt the fibers of the weave. Make 1-inch sections of the weave and twirl them around the flexi rods. Now, take a bowl of hot water and dip the rod with the wrapped weave in it. After about 7 minutes, take the rod out and let the weave air dry. You will have perfect, bouncy hair curls.
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If you have dry hair, then make sure that you do not use a hair setting lotion which has alcohol. Alcohol will make your hair more dry and frizzy. Also, while shampooing your hair, add a liberal amount of conditioner to your hair. Before using flexi rods on dry hair, add mousse to your hair.
So the next time you are going on a date, or have a special occasion, try using these safe and effective flexi rods. We are sure, you will make many heads turn and definitely have some men drooling over you.