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5 Important Wella Color Charm Toners to Go Blonde Stylishly

5 Wella Color Charm Toners to Go Blonde
How about giving your hair a complete makeover this summer? HairGlamourista has detailed information about various shades of Wella Color Charm toners to go blonde. Also, read and learn how to apply these toners effectively.
Mukta Badipatla
Did You Know?
Wella Color Charm toner with a 20-volume developer works better than the 10-volume developer.
A toner helps in erasing unwanted tones from the hair like the shades of orange and yellow. If there is a mix of two or more colors in the hair (because of previous coloring), it helps in camouflaging the already visible colors of the hair, to the one that you desire. The developer of the toner consists of a very important activator―hydrogen peroxide―which is responsible for the penetration and deposition of color molecules, of the toner, under the cuticle of the hair. These do not have a permanent impact, and last as much as any other semi-permanent color would do.

Altogether, there are eight shades of toners to go blonde. Apart from the list mentioned below, there is Wella T-15, Wella T-27, and Wella T-28, which are no longer being produced by the manufacturer. Therefore, we have only listed the details of five toners.
Which Toner to Choose
Wella T-10 Pale Blonde
It belongs to the silver color family. Earlier, it was known as 'Ivory lady', but now it is known as 'Pale Blonde'. The base color of this toner is violet-blue, and it effectively cancels out orange and yellow brassy tones of the hair. It used longer than the specified time, behind the back of the pack, you will end up with purple hair. According to many reviews, T-18 is better than T-10 for going pale blond.

Wella T-14 Pale Ash Blonde
It belongs to the silver color family and was initially known as the 'Silver Lady'. It has a violet-blue base and cancels out orange and yellow tones of the hair. It adds ashy tones to the hair, the ash color that this toner provides is darker than T-18.

Wella T-18 Lightest Ash Blonde
Initially known as 'White lady', it is a violet base toner and belongs to the ash color family. It cuts out the yellow tones of hair and makes them ashy blonde. If you have orange hair, then you will have to bleach it out and make it lighter by one more shade, before using this toner.

Wella T-11 Lightest Beige Blonde
It belongs to the beige color family and has a green-violet base. This toner gives a sandy beach blonde look to the hair. It will not work on darker shades of hair and is apt for lemon colored hair, or any color which is lighter than light yellow. But if you are looking for ashy tones, then this tone may not be the best choice.

Wella T-35 Beige Blonde
To apply this toner, you should first bleach your hair to gold. This toner belongs to the beige color family and has a green-violet base and was known as 'Imperial Beige'. Therefore, it is capable of canceling out red and yellow brassy tones.
How to Apply
Before applying the toner, thoroughly wash your hair with a good shampoo. Then separate those strands of hair on which you wish to apply the toner. You can apply a conditioner on those strands which you do not want to tone. The hair conditioner will not allow the toner to work.

In a medium-sized bowl, mix 1 part of the toner with two parts of the 20-volume developer. But if you are using a 10-volume developer, then combine 1 part of toner with 4 parts of developer.

Apply this mix to your hair and leave it on. If you want a lighter shade, then wash off the toner in 8 to 10 minutes. But if you desire a darker shade, then leave it for 20 to 25 minutes.

Use a shampoo while washing the toner off. This will wash off the toner and prevent it further action on the hair. Then, apply a leave-on conditioner on your hair. This will help rehydrate the blond hair. The toner should be applied every month to preserve the blond color.
If you already have dark red hair and you wish to go blonde, then you will require about three sittings with your hairstylist. Because in every sitting, your hair color will be lightened gradually by one shade each time till you achieve the desired blonde shade. if you have very dark hair, never blonde your hair in a single sitting, else it will damage your hair and make it unhealthy.
If you have black hair and want to go blonde, then seek a professional to achieve that shade in about four sittings. If you are a brunette or have naturally dark hair and wish to go blonde, go ahead and try these color tones and don't fear the appearance of dark roots of hair, which will show up in a couple of months.
Always follow the instructions on the product, and do not leave the toner on for more than the specified time. If you do not follow the prescribed time, you may end up having violet hair. Do not go for developers with or over 30-volume. They can damage your hair beyond repair.
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