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Permanent Purple Hair Dye That is Nothing Short of Spectacular

Permanent Purple Hair Dye
Purple is like the new 'red' when it comes to coloring hair. Purple on dark hair base looks awesome. It can render the punk or the subtle hair colored look.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Alright! Before you folks go crazy with purple dyes understand that there are no such permanently lasting purple hair dye products. But, there are products which last for a long time, and when they start to fade they will either get to lighter shades of weird pinks, reds, or blonds.
Hence, it is very important to the choose a quality brand of purple hair dye. Also, one needs to pay attention to the shade of purple they are going for.

If you take care of these two things, then you can achieve a fun and stunning look with this popular hair color.
Here are useful pointers on such two purple dye products, and some other semi-permanent purple hair color products and other handy tips.
Purple Ain't for Everybody!
Hair Dyed with Pink and Purple Color
Not everybody can carry purple hair color. Hence, if you do not have the appropriate skin tone or eye color, avoid going for purple hair color. Because, if you have warm skin tone and eye color then purple hair color will make your face look washed-out and too bright. So, people who have cool skin tones and eye color should go for purple hair color. The cool skin tones are dark brown, medium complexion with golden undertones, medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks, pale complexion, olive complexion and brown or bronze complexion after tanning. The cool eye colors are dark blue, hazel with light flecks, dark brown, blackish brown, and grayish blue.

On such people, vibrant hair colors look great. People who belong to the cool skin tone category can dye their hair jet black and on top of it get some purple highlights. On black hair magenta and purple colors can also be mixed to create a beautiful looking color combination. One can also dye their hair in platinum blonde and then get a light wash of purple for a cool look.
Loooooong-lasting Purple Dye Products
Woman with Purple Dye and Bangs
If you are looking for best permanent dye, then there are two options, the first being Schwarzkopf Live Hair Color-Permanent. These hair dyes come in many colors like red, blonde, blue, and purple. It comes in a box that has a picture of a man and woman on the front, also there is picture of them before and after applying the dye. This way you can find the hair color which is nearest to your natural hair color and check what the results will look like. Inside the box comes a sachet of color, bottle with a solution, and conditioner. To know if you are allergic to the ingredients, do a patch test. Another good product from this brand is Schwarzkopf Luminance Ultra Violet.

The second option when it comes to permanent hair dye purple, is the Chilled Plum Color Pulse Hair Color Mousse by Loreal. This is a very easy to use product and gives an intense shade of purple, this product also leaves your hair smelling great. It lasts longer than the box says. It is a bit difficult to find this product at stores, and you might need to shop online for this color.
Awesome Vibrant Semi-permanent Dye
Deep Purple Dyed Hair Color
One of the most popular products of temporary purple dye is the Manic Panic Ultra Violet Amplified Hair Dye. With these products you can color your hair into vibrant purple hair color ideas. This hair color cream is a strong formula which lasts quite long. You can go to the manicpanic site to buy this product. Another product is Raw Purple Punch Demi-Permanent Hair Color. This non-permanent hair dye purple shade is brilliant. It lasts around 3-6 weeks. Check out the official site of Manic Panic to see the shade of violet and raw purple. Manic Panic has many other interesting shades of hair dyes and other hair products. You can buy products from their site or from other shopping sites.

Other popular semi-permanent purple dye are by Special Effects. Special Effects Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Deep Purple, is easy to apply and doesn't fade very quickly. All you need to do is apply it and put it for 10 minutes. After a month you will notice the color fade. You can also check out the Jerome Russell Punky Color purple dye. These punky colors last pretty long and give good results.
These were the various products of purple hair dye. So, select any of the above mentioned products and follow the instructions on the product. Make sure you don't let any dye fall on your skin or wipe it off as soon as you are done covering your hair with the dye. If you have very dark hair, then it is advisable that you bleach the hair portion which you want to dye to a lighter shade, before using a purple hair dye product.
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