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FHI Flat Iron Reviews

FHI Flat Iron Reviews
FHI is a brand well-known for manufacturing hair care products. The flat iron used for straightening curly hair is one of their best-selling products. This article reviews the different types of FHI flat irons that are available in the market.
Rutuja Jathar
FHI, also known as FHI Heat, is a leading brand of flat irons and other hair styling products. Soon after getting into an exclusive partnership with a leading manufacturer of ceramic flat irons, it expanded into a full line of hair care and hair styling products like flat irons, curling irons, heat razors, blow dryers, carbon combs, ionic brushes, hair straightening chemicals, clips, etc. Its economical prices, good quality products, and the use of advanced tourmaline technology has made these flat irons extremely popular among the fairer sex. Check out the following reviewed products manufactured under this brand before you decide to buy one for yourself.
The approximate retail price of these stylish flat irons is around USD 100 to USD 400. This enables them to compete with the top luxury hair appliances in the market. There are three major types of FHI Flat Irons - technique, platform, and runway.
FHI Technique Flat Iron
FHI HEAT Technique G2 1" Flat Iron is a second generation styling iron that comes with an advanced ceramic tourmaline technology that restores the shine and moisture in your hair and provides you with a smooth and supple mane. It produces negative ions and allows the hair to absorb and retain the moisture. These flat irons come with a proprietary Nano-Fuzion Technology that produces unmatched conditioning and luster for hair of every type. The approximate price of the FHI HEAT Technique Flat Iron is USD 120.
FHI Platform Flat Iron
This is a series of 8 versatile irons which are totally worth having in your hair styling kit. The reviews state that it is unique and comes with a special domed iron which is useful for creating curls and waves in your hair. Its specialty is that it heats up really fast and stays at the selected temperature, until you are done styling your hair. It comes with 3-layered ceramic plates and hence, is a durable option. It bears a lower electromagnetic field, which makes it extremely safe. Its approximate price is USD 90.
FHI Runway Flat Iron
This is specifically designed for professionals. It is made of 6 layers of baked ceramic, that avoids scraping of hair. This fact makes them extremely useful and safe to use for damp-to-dry purpose as well, which means you can use this flat iron on wet hair as well. Like all the other products, the Runway Flat Iron also comes with the patented ICHS - integrated ceramic heating system, that causes fast heating with no virtual damage to the hair. Its approximate price is USD 400.
Styling curly hair with a flat iron is turning out to be one of the most important aspects of beauty regimen of many women. As the above FHI Flat Iron reviews suggest, they are technically sound and safe to use. However, it is important to remember that continued heating, straightening, and other artificial hair styling practices for a longer period of time, is like putting the health of your hair at stake.