Hair Products for Dry Hair

Dry hair looks dull and breaks easily. Furthermore, using commercial products on it leads to more damage. This article provides a list of some suitable hair products.
HairGlamourista Staff
Weather conditions and heredity reasons play a major role in deciding a person's hair texture. Some people have naturally curly hair whereas others have it straight. Shape, color, texture, and type of hair varies from person to person and from region to region. For example, an African will have curly, dense, thick, and rough hair. Similarly, a Westerner living in the United Kingdom, America, and Australia, will have soft, straight, and smooth hair. Someone staying in Asia will have hair which is in between the Africans and the Westerners. They will have slightly wavy hair, somewhere between straight and curly. This means that hair quality and volume totally depends upon the region which a person comes from. Most of the Whites like to keep their hair dry as it complements their straight hair type. Africans and Asians can't do much with their hair because of the curly and dry nature. However, running away from dry hair doesn't mean keeping it totally oily, it just means making the texture silky and healthy. A lot of products meant for dry hair have been introduced by the cosmetic companies to help the people of such regions deal with their hair texture and dryness.
Natural Hair Products
Apart from just belonging to a particular region which promotes dry hair naturally, there are various things that people are unaware of which makes their hair look dry and shabby. One needs to take care of his/her body too in order to have a healthy hair texture. This is something which will confuse a lot of people as they are not aware of the biological relevance between hair and body.
Hair also needs proteins, vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates. People usually think that all these requirements can be matched by applying various chemical products such as hairsprays, gels, shampoos, conditioners, and oils, which will improve the texture and make hair silky. Nothing really works out, and this is because hair texture and quality depends a lot on what the body is consuming. Water is very necessary to create internal moisture from the roots. Intake of fruits provide a lot of vitamins and proteins which make the hair smooth. Mostly, hair is treated externally, and if done in the right way with use of the right products, it provides huge benefits. However, there are chances of hair loss and the hair becoming weak because of chemical brands. Chemicals give a good look to the hair initially but spoil it eventually, straightening with the use of chemicals and subsequent ironing is what a lot of people do to make their hair look good, silky, and straight, but straightening is something which not a lot of hair experts will advice. The best way to treat dry and rough hair is by using herbal products which have no side effects and provide treatment for dry hair without the use of chemicals.
It is very important to shampoo the hair and then use a conditioner after this, as it keeps the hair smooth and gives it a silky effect for a longer period of time.
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo: This is one of the very well-known products for dry and damaged hair. It is a bit costly in comparison to the other products, but is something that will serve the purpose.
Emu Oil Shampoo: It is also one of the very good products as it directly reaches the scalp and makes the hair strong and smooth. It is a herbal product which makes the hair soft and silky as there is some oil content in the shampoo.
Batiste Dry Shampoo: This is a very common and very reasonable product one can find in the market. A lot of people prefer this product because of its fragrance. Besides having a very good smell, it repairs the dry and damaged hair.
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: It is also one of the very well-known products which will help you deal with dry hair. This is a very good option for people who want to save time as it does not need water or a blow dryer. It works as a hairspray.
Homemade Products
Coconut oil is the most basic one, and also the most effective natural product for dry and damaged hair. Olive oil is also a very useful product and makes the hair look silky and takes the dandruff away. It is also considered as the best oil for hair. Hairspray can be made with the help of natural products such as oranges and lemons, and this comes under natural organic hair products. Yogurt works as a conditioner for the hair, and so does beer, which makes it smooth and soft. Egg is the most commonly used natural product which makes the hair look very silky, smooth, and makes it strong by releasing proteins. It is used in a lot of chemical products as a natural conditioner.
These were some good tips for dry hair that can be implemented easily. All these are natural homemade products that can be used, which will not only help you to get rid of dryness, but will make your hair look strong and silky.