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Hair Dye Brands

We Narrowed Down a List of the Best Hair Dye Brands for You

During the reign of Elizabeth I in England, people used to use saffron, sulfur, borax and saltpeter to color their hair red. Some side effects of this practice was nosebleeds, headache and nausea! Well, today's hair dyeing brands are gentle and won't give you such side effects.
Saptakee Sengupta
Colored hair looks stunning when it complements perfectly with your skin tone. The flawless beauty of your luscious mane lasts long only if you have dyed your hair with a quality product. Choosing the best from among a plethora of hair dye brands is truly confusing because every brand promises the same results. It's only after trying you come know how well it works. For this reason we have sorted out some premium brands that you can purchase without worrying about damaging after effects.
Clairol Nice'n Easy is a renowned hair dye brand. The product Nice'n Easy has huge collection of dyes which are meant for different purposes. Being a premium quality product, it's absolutely gentle on your hair. Color Blend Foam is especially manufactured for highlights while Perfect 10 is for dyeing the entire chunk. Some other popular products are Root Touch-Up and Natural Instincts. You can feel the resonance in your hair after washing the dye.
L'OREAL is popular among both men and women. It has trendy shades of bright red, purple, copper, gold, blonde, etc. They have categorized their products as 'all over color', 'root coloring' and 'highlights'. Also it has a gamut range of hair color products like Excellence Creme, Feria, Touch-On Highlights, Healthy Look, etc.
Manic Panic
Manic Panic has some excellent collection of vegan dyes, which are completely safe on hair. Their products are available in drugstores and also online. It's actually a semi-permanent dye that is available in wide range of colors. You can use this product for creating dramatic highlights on your hair in bright shades of green, red, pink, purple, etc.
Revlon is undoubtedly a much sought after brand owing to its quality. Revlon ColorSilk is a permanent dye that produces rich color on your hair. Revlon Frost & Glow is a highlighting kit through which you can get your hair streaked. ColorSilk Root Perfect has an easy roll on feature for applying the dye. It's equipped with a sponge for soaking the dye and dipping on the hair. Revlon ColorSilk Luminista offers brilliant tint and shine to dark hair because not only does it come in cool shades but is also enriched with mango butter formula.
Garnier Nutrisse Cream, Nutrisse 100% Color Vibrant Colors and The Nutrisse Ultra Color are the versions manufactured by Garnier. This brand is famous for ultra reflective tones that make your hair intensely shiny and smooth. People prefer Garnier for its easy application technique. The non-drip conditioning formula and presence of shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil further improve the texture of your hair.
Others Brands
The brands mentioned above were the top hair dye products. Some other products that are also recommended by hair experts are:
  • TRESemm√©
  • Just for Men
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Grecian Formula
  • Surya Brasil
  • Eco Colors
Dyes can be permanent, semi-permanent and temporary in nature. Vegetables dyes are usually recommended for temporary purposes as they are devoid of chemicals and you can apply them whenever you wish to alter the tone of your hair. The key ingredient of a vegetable dye is henna which improves texture and quality of hair. Natural Expressions is one such product that is made purely from henna. Chemical dyes are well suited for permanent and semi-permanent coloring effects.
All these brands are absolutely safe on your hair and are infused with vitamins that are vital for health of hair. A natural dye is the best option for creating a temporary effect or else get your hair permanently dyed with any of those brands listed in the aforementioned content. Once you have colored your hair you can purchase a color guard shampoo of the same brand to rinse your hair.