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Olive Oil Hair Relaxer

Olive Oil Hair Relaxer

Since it is an all-natural product and does not have any ill or side effects, the olive oil hair relaxer is one of the best. It benefits hair in a number of ways and has been proven to be the most effective.
Marlene Alphonse
Who wouldn't love having problem-free hair? Every women desires long locks that are perfectly-styled, silky, shiny, smooth, and dandruff-free. Well, you can have them if you use hair relaxers. Hair relaxers (creams or lotions) are used specially by women who want to straighten their otherwise curly hair, or by those who want to improve the texture of their coarse hair. They contain chemicals that have the tendency to change the texture and original structure of the hair. Some make use of natural products like olive oil, coconut cream, and cocoa butter, that are relatively safer.

A hair relaxer can make frizzy hair more manageable and smooth. There are many commercial ones available in the market, but since some of them contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid, and other harsh chemicals that are unsuitable for the hair, many women opt for natural alternatives. Olive oil is a popular ingredient in many hair relaxers, since it provides the much-needed sheen without harming the hair or the scalp. It not only stimulates the hair follicles, but also conditions and moisturizes the scalp, tames unmanageable hair, and provides luster, making the hair silky, shiny, and smooth.

Applying the Hair Relaxer

The hair relaxer kit usually contains a relaxer base, olive oil wrap, setting mousse, activator, replenishing pack, hair lotion, creamy aloe neutralizing shampoo, latex gloves, stirring stick, and an instruction manual that explains how to use the product.
  • Apply oil on the hairline, over the hair next to the ears, and over other areas where the scalp is less hairy. You shouldn't skip this step as the oil will reduce the burning sensation of the skin which you will experience after you apply the product.
  • With a comb, make small partitions of the hair and apply hair oil to the scalp. Try not to apply the oil on your hair.
  • In a small bowl, mix the relaxer base and activator, and stir it till a smooth mixture is formed. Wear latex gloves that come with the kit as a safety measure.
  • Make four equal partitions of your hair and apply the mixture, using an applicator. Start from the top of the head to the back. Follow this procedure till the entire head is covered.
  • Spread the relaxer all over the hair and make sure all areas have been covered.
  • After a while, rinse off the relaxer with the neutralizing shampoo until no traces of the product remain. Once you have shampooed your hair, apply the conditioner and style your hair with the wrap and hair mousse.

Before selecting a hair relaxer, do a bit of research, inquire about all the different brands, and choose the product that best suits your hair type. Here are some of the best picks that you can choose from.

Isoplus Olive Oil Natural Remedy Relaxer
This is the right product that can be used for the reconstruction of damaged hair. It contains protective oils, that revitalize and condition the hair as well as the scalp. Since it is cream-based, it does not have to be mixed with any other product and can be applied directly to the hair. It also has a lovely fragrance.

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer
A healing elixir for damaged and dull hair, it conditions the hair from root to tip, and gives it a lustrous appearance. This product has received many positive reviews. Though a bit expensive, it has satisfactory results. It also acts as a conditioner and straightens the hair.

Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Oil Relaxer
This product contains a unique formula, which nourishes the hair and keeps it silky smooth. It doesn't cause any burning sensation or irritation on the scalp. Even coarse hair becomes more soft and gives a fuller look.

Naturals Olive Oil No Lye Relaxer
A product of TCB Naturals, this relaxer includes ingredients like aloe vera extract, vitamins A, B1, and E, along with the main ingredient - olive oil. This product is best suited for a sensitive scalp. It is easy to use and the end result is also quite satisfying.

Sofn'free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Strengthening Creme
Extremely rich in Omega-3, this product is extracted from sacha inchi nut, along with olive oil. It is completely natural and doesn't have any harsh effects on the scalp or hair. This product not only promotes healthy hair growth and scalp, but also protects it from within.

Using natural products like olive oil for hair or for the skin will prevent them from getting damaged. A proper hair care regimen will facilitate healthy growth of hair sans any problems.