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Creative Modern Hairstyles for 2018 to Make a True Statement

Modern Hairstyles 2018
A fast-paced life leaves little room for hair worries. And when you see the lineup of modern hairstyles that 2018 has in store, you'll see that they do not need much maintenance. Take a peek at the refreshing looks of the coming year.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Straight hair, long hair, curly hair, short hair, blond hair, or a brunette bob; the way you wear your hair says a lot about your style. A modern hairdo can give you a complete makeover in minutes. It can take away years from your face and add a skip in your stride.

A new haircut can totally change the way you look and even give your face a new shape. The best part about hairstyles for this year, is that they are extremely low-maintenance. They don't need styling, blow-drying, curling or straightening every single day, as stylists understand the time restraints of modern-day working women. Elegant but simple, these hairstyles suit all types of faces and ages.
Good ol' Updos
Hair Updo
While last year was all about letting your hair down layer upon layer, this year it's time to get them bunched, scrunched, and tied up. Updos can be neat or messy. For a formal occasion, flatten your hair and tie a neat bun at the nape. Even side buns look gorgeous, so it's your call. For casual occasions and when you're rushing out of the door with your bag in one hand and your coffee in the other, just gather all your hair and twist it into a messy bun and fasten it with a fancy clip.
Center-Parted Hair
a girl with center parted hair
Every woman has at least a few hundred times in her life, silently cursed her hair for not 'sitting' right. Well, luckily for us a center-parted hairline is the trend this year! So, don't fight the parting this time. Leave your straight hair open with a center parting for a sleek and sophisticated look. Else, you can tie up your hair into a bun, a ponytail, or a braid. Make a center parting and embellish your hair with pins, clips and other fancy accessories to make it look fresh and stylish!
Neat and Messy Braids
Beautiful Braid Hairstyle
The ramps are flooded with braids of all kinds this year. Single braids, double braids, milkmaid braids, simple braids and messy braids are in. The best part about braids is that you can do so many different things with them. You can have a braid tied on one side and pulled over across the top to the other side, or you can tie half a braid and then let it flow into a ponytail. You could even tie a really loose braid and have small tresses let out of it.
Bobs with Bangs
Black Short Hair Style
Bangs have been in vogue since forever. Looks amazing when you combine them with a stylish crop bob. Though bangs can go with any length of hair, puffed up cropped bobs with bangs is what will bring that 'oomph' factor out. The only thing this hairstyle demands is religious straightening of the bangs, as even a little frizz can spoil the show. If you have a long oval face, go in for straight bangs in the front. If you have a round face, go in for side-swept fringes.
Slicked Back Wet Hairstyle
Slicked Back Hair Style
For all you medium or long-haired beauties who want that 'something different' in your hairstyle, the slicked back wet hairstyle is for you! This is one of the most sensuous hairstyles for women. You need to straighten your hair, and add a little bit of volume with a comb, then pour some gel and start combing your hair to the back. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora, are sporting slicked back wet hairstyles.
Flat Waves Hairstyle
Flat Waves Hairstyle
The hair trends in the year 2018 are inclined towards the natural look and this is exactly what the flat waves hairstyle provides. Waves symbolize anything that is free-spirited and easy going. All you have to do is blow dry your hair and use a round brush to create subtle waves. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner and Kristen Bell have donned this hairstyle and looked absolutely chic. So keep it natural and let your hairstyle speak volumes about your personality!
Trendy hairstyles make you look sharper and stylish as compared to coifs of the previous decades. These hairstyles can be worn to work and to college, which makes them universal. Your hair reflects your mood and your personal style. So make sure you pick a good modern hairstyle that speaks volumes about you and makes your own statement!
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Neat and Messy Braid
Neat and Messy Braid
Bobs with Bangs
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