Curly Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 That Look Graceful

Curly Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Mentioned in this article are various curly short hairstyles for women over 50 that will help you make your mane more manageable and look good. Read on to know more.
Curly tresses can be a pain to style, as they tend get dry and frizzy easily. Many people suggest that people with curly hair should let it grow long so that the weight of it makes the curls manageable. This is surely a good advice, however, long hair is even more difficult to manage. Also, short hair, when cut properly, can give an easily manageable style and is easier to take care of. Short and curly tresses tend to have a better texture as it is easier to condition compared to long hair.
No matter which hairstyle you choose, it is important to remember some hair care basics. Shampoo your mane regularly to keep it clean, as unwashed hair looks greasy and makes your curls look heavy. If you have extremely curly tresses, it is important to always use your fingertips to comb them instead of a brush. A big-toothed comb can be used if your hair is medium curly or wavy. Women with a short and curly mane need to follow regular conditioning too. So, choose a good conditioner that suits you. Also, apply a hair mask once or twice a month to keep your curls in optimum shape. If the hair is very dry, consider using a serum or leave-in-conditioner to style it in a better way. Here are some hairstyles for older women that you can consider if you have curly tresses.
Pixie Cuts
Check out the picture of Jamie Lee Curtis's gray pixie cut to get an idea on this very short hairstyle. This cut is very easy to maintain and looks really great too. To get a pixie cut, the hair on the sides and back is cut into short crops, with that on the front is cut into bangs.
Layered Styles with Bangs
One of the best ways to make the curly hair look great is to get layers in it. To get layered styles, get some layers near the crown and some layers at the ends, to make your hair look tapering and cool. Add some side curly bangs to this style to complete the look.
Romantic Bobs
These are very cute short haircuts that give a flapper look, which is very in. Get your mane cut into a symmetrical inverted bob, and add some side blunt bangs to get this style.
Layered Bobs
Get your hair cut into a stacked bob. Basically, in a stacked bob, the hair at the back and crown is cut into layers to get a stacked effect. This adds a lot of volume to the tresses, which makes it a good style for people with thin or fine hair.
Ponytail Styles
These are good styles if you are looking for a style while working out, or when you have a busy day. Scoop all your hair back and then tie them into a ponytail. If you have some short hair strands coming out, then secure them with snap clips or let them loose for a relaxed look.
So, pick a good haircut that suits you and get it done from your stylist. Make sure you maintain your mane in good condition using the hair care tips given above.