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Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Hair Color Ideas for 2018
This year, we can see a lot of celebrities flaunting different hair colors and highlights. The colors have gone from basic and bold, to shades and tints. The range has widened, allowing the most distinct and inconceivable colors to embellish the popular hairstyles.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017
If you are wondering which hair color to opt for, you might want to take a look at this article. This year, celebrities have broken free of all bonds, the colors are more bold which reflects the challenge. The styles are gorgeous, captivating, and statement-making. Here are the top color ideas that will help you to choose the best color that embellishes your hair and complements your face.
Did you know?
The first recorded use of henna as a hair coloring agent was in 1500 B.C.
Evergreen Highlights
a girl getting highlights
Brunettes or blonds should think of getting skinny hair highlights. This will give textured yet subtle-colored hair. Highlights in bangs can give your hair a more textured look. Always go for a shade of highlights which is two to three times lighter than your base hair color. Also, get a minimum of 8 highlights in your hair, and for a more textured look go for more highlights. The popular colors of this year are light platinum, gold, strawberry, and amber.
Did you know ?
Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads. Which is about 13% of the world's population of redheads.
High on Lowlights
a girl with incredible lowlights
Lowlights are the opposite to highlights. They are popular among men, but women can also opt for them. Lowlights are a two or three shades darker than the base hair color, and done near the roots of the hair. Lowlights are actually milder than highlights, as they contain lesser ammonia. However, don't try to color lowlights on your own. Always go to a stylist. A light blond color is popular for lowlights.
Did you know ?
The first synthetic hair color was created by Eugène Schueller in 1907. He later founded the cosmetics giant L'Oréal.
Fun Shades
a girl with bob hair and fun shades
If you are thinking of trying some unique hair color, then why not try purple or red or green? Or you can go for hot pink if you have a warm skin tone. Get some subtle skinny streaks of this color. Mostly, such chunky hair highlights look good with a base hair color of black or platinum blond.
Did you know?
According to a recent survey it is estimated that a woman in America will spend more than USD 50,000 on her hair in her lifetime.
Bold Colors
a girl with a purple color pixie hairstyle
This year the trend of sporting brightly dyed hair color is 'in'. So, consider getting a short crop hairstyle and dye it in an electric shade of red which seems to be the most popular color. Cherry red is the new obsession, but you can also go for other bright shades like green, blue, purple, etc. Denim blue is also one of the prime colors of this year. Make sure you per-bleach your hair before applying these shades, otherwise the dye will not come out bright enough.
Snow White
a girl with silver white hair
One of the bold looks of this year is snow white. Not just the highlights, but the complete white shade that can later be complemented with red, green, or blue highlights. The Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was seen this year with a white dye. Sources reveal that she has dyed her hair and wishes to keep it for some time. An icy shade also looks adorable and is worth putting some serious thought to.
Advice on Selecting the Right Hair Color
Hair Colors for Cool Skin
a fair girl with golden undertone hair
People who have a cool skin tone can think of medium to dark brown with golden undertones; or olive or pale colors with pink undertones. This can be complemented with blackish brown, dark brown, grayish blue, dark blue, or hazel with light flecks. This look can go with shiny raven black hair, or cool blond shades like mink or icy white. The color of highlights can be honey, wheat, or ash.
Hair Color for Warm Skin
a warm skin girl with shinny blonde hair
People who have warm skin tones can have a freckled or pale complexion with peach or golden undertones. The eye color can be hazel with brown, green, greenish-blue, or golden-brown. If you are thinking of blond hair color, then on a base of shiny blond get reddish or orange highlights. Other best highlight shades are golden-brown, copper streaks, or other golden shades.
So, keep in mind the above advice, and try out some subtle skinny streaks or some lowlights hair color trends, or get some funky fresh colors done on your hair. Ensure you go to a professional to get your hair dyed, to avoid any hair disasters. Enjoy!