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How to Get Rid of a Perm

How to Get Rid of a Perm
A 'perm', as its name implies is near permanent, hence getting rid of it can be quite difficult. Here are some tips to get rid of a perm in your hair.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Most women are unhappy with their hair type. If you have naturally curly hair, you will yearn for straight hair, while women with naturally straight hair simply cannot wait to get wavy locks. This dissatisfaction often forces women to undergo several hair treatments. However, many a time these treatments do not render the desired results. As a result, you either have to resort to some damage control methods or wait until your hair grows out of the disastrous result. Besides, some women may only want a particular look for an occasion. In such cases, they may want to get their natural hair back as early as possible. Perming hair is one such hair treatment which is widely sought after by women. The funny part is, almost the same number of women desperately look for measures to get rid of their curls. If you too belong to the same category, then go through these tips on getting the perm out of your hair.
How to Get Rid of a Perm in Your Hair
Perming your hair is done by applying certain chemicals on your hair. These chemicals break the natural bonds in your hair which give them their characteristic appearance (straight or curly). After the bonds are broken, newer bonds are formed with the help of curling or straightening techniques, as per the desired result. In short, both straightening and curling techniques work on the same principle, i.e breaking and reforming bonds, only the mechanism differs. The same principle can be used to reverse the effects of any of these hair treatments. Besides, you can also try some quick fixes to get rid of a perm in your hair.
Apply Conditioner
Conditioner adds moisture to your hair and seals it to prevent getting damaged from heat, sunlight, dirt etc. Conditioner is also responsible for adding volume to your hair. However, when you apply too much conditioner, it may weigh your hair down, thus creating an effect of straight hair. First wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and then apply liberal amount of conditioner. This is a quick fix and helps only if you wish to get rid of a perm temporarily. Applying too much of conditioner on a regular basis may not be a good idea.
Oil Treatment
Hot oil treatment for your hair also helps in reducing the effect of perming. Oil treatment works in the same manner as a conditioner. When you apply oil, it gets absorbed in the hair and weighs it down. This minimizes the curls in your hair. You may use canola oil, coconut oil or olive oil for this purpose. Warm some oil in a pan and apply it using cotton balls. However, this curl control method is not very useful, considering it makes your hair very oily. Besides, the effect only lasts for a short time.
Reverse Perming
This technique makes use of chemicals for removing curls from your hair. It uses the same chemicals that are used in perming or straightening your hair. If you permed your hair using a perming kit, then buy the same kit again. Apply, the chemicals on your hair as per the directions on the pack. Then instead of putting them in curlers start combing them straight, from root to tip. Repeat this step for at least 10 minutes. Eventually, you will find your hair becoming relaxed and somewhat straight. Although this method gets rid of perms permanently, it is likely to cause more damage to your hair. The chemicals may completely rip your hair off moisture and nutrients, thereby making it frizzy and lackluster.
Cutting Perms
Waiting for your hair to outgrow the perm is the only safe way of getting rid of perms permanently. If you cannot wait for your hair to completely straighten out, you may start chopping off small portions of permed hair every 3 - 4 weeks. This will help in reducing the overall effect of perming.
Thus, getting rid of perm is difficult but not impossible. Next time you opt for a new hair treatment, make sure you preview the hairstyle, so that you can avoid disastrous results.