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Wondering How to Fix a Bad Perm? Find All Your Answers Here

How to Fix a Bad Perm
What all can you do to salvage your hair, after your perm has gone completely wrong? This post will explain the different ways to fix a bad perm through a few simple and effective tips.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Perm hairstyles can get tricky and go completely out of control, creating a disastrous masterpiece. This hairstyle has a bad reputation for not suiting many facial structures and also for being one of the toughest to get rid of. It is very difficult to alter your hairstyle and texture once you get a permanent perm done. There have been cases wherein women with pin straight hair have ended up with frizzy and dry curls. Not exactly a pleasant sight or thought.

One of the reasons for a perm to go haywire could be because the hair was too dry or excessively damaged by chemicals. Another possibility could be that the hairstylist did not use the curling iron properly and finally, that the perm crown has become too tight thereby creating the helmet head appearance.
Things You Can Do to Fix a Bad Perm
Warm Oil Remedy
Woman oiling hair
Give your hair a few days to settle. In case your perm keeps getting worse, you must consider rectifying the situation with some warm oil hair therapy. Warm oil will help relax the coarse condition of your hair and provide it with some essential nourishment and moisture. You will need to continually practice this remedy for the next one week, by applying warm oil throughout your scalp and hair. Secure your hair in a shower cap and allow the oil to stay on for the next one hour or more. Wash your hair with a strong hair relaxing shampoo and conditioner, after which you must use a hair serum, to set your perm. The oil will also aid in removing some of the harsh chemicals that were used on your hair.
Wash Your Hair
Woman washing Hair
The moment you realize that your perm has gone wrong, get your hair washed in the salon itself or go home and wash it as soon as you possibly can. You will need to wet your hair thoroughly and rinse with a shampoo. If the hair is still not getting softer, you will need to wash it again with a deep conditioning shampoo. Repeat this process until your hair feels a bit more manageable.
Deep Conditioning
Hair Conditioning
There is still a lot more left to do, if you wish to relax a perm and keep your hair from puffing out when it dries. You will needs to use a very thick and deep conditioner for softening and settling your hair. Apply a generous amount of conditioner and spread it evenly all over your hair. Let the conditioner remain for about 30 minutes so that the hair becomes soft and slippery. Once the hair is extremely slippery, use your fingertips to untangle the curls and separate them. The next step requires that you use a wide toothed comb and separate the tangled hair. Do not tug at your hair, as wet hair is the weakest and can break easily.
Trim the Fishtails
Woman trimming hair
Fishtails are the unruly hair ends which curl out it random and odd directions. These make the perm look even worse. You'll need to get these ends trimmed, so as to give a neater appearance to the perm. You are the best judge on how you would like your hair to look, which is why you can try to trim the uneven tips yourself.
Practice Hair Treatment at Home
Woman tying hair
You will have to follow a strict regime while you're waiting for your hair to grow longer and for the effects of the perm to fade. You will need to use deep conditioners every time you wash your hair. After which you will need to treat the curls with an anti frizz and curling serum. Remember to crunch up your hair using your palms and make a tight fist. This will help the hair get settled into presentable curls.
Get a New Hairstyle
This is for the victims of the worst case hair-scenario. If your perm looks awful, and there seems to be no way to salvage it, you might have to consider getting a new hairstyle! You will obviously need to get a haircut which is shorter than your usually style. The reason being, that a shorter hairstyle will remove most of the damage and allow healthy hair to grow out.
Using curling irons will not help keep the perm under control and overheating the hair can severely damage it. An ideal solution would be to let your hair air dry. After trying all the above aforementioned tips, you have no other choice but to wait for the perm to grow out and grow longer, after which you will begin to like the beach wave look. At the end of the day, how you look depends a lot on how you carry yourself. So cheer up and feel confident about the way you look. Hopefully, this article would be of help in getting your situation under control.