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Spiral Perms Vs. Regular Perms

Spiral Perms Vs. Regular Perms: What You Really Need to Know

Are you racking your brains thinking which kind of perm you should go for? Can't decide which type of perm is good for you? Here are some distinguishing factors between spiral perm and regular perm types.
Pragya T
Last Updated: May 17, 2018
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Straight hair can get very boring. Many people with straight hair have problems about the hair being too fine and lacking in volume. Also, straight hair styles seem to be repetitive after some time. A great way to add a healthy bounce to the hair is to make it curly. There are many ways to make the hair curly. It can be styled curly using hair pins, rags, rollers, braiding, or some curling solutions. These are all good methods to curl hair, which work effectively. However, if you desire permanent curls, then perming is a good way to get them.
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But, perming means a lot of chemical products. So, if you have healthy hair which can stand these treatments only then, go for any kind of perms. There are different types of perms to choose from. Each style is done using specific equipment and gives a unique end result. So, the result is what matters. This is the deciding factor which will help you choose the type of perms you want to get. Now, there are many types of perming treatments available, and each produces a unique type of curl or wave in the hair. Spiral perms, body waves, digital perm, etc., are quite popular today. Let us look at the difference between the two popular types of perms.
Can You Spot the Difference?
Spiral Perm
Shoulder-length Spiral Perm
Regular Perm
Long Regular Perm
The Deciding Factor
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The result of spiral perm produces more volume, and gives a subtle texture to the hair too. It will give you curls of different lengths and sizes. Also, it will give you bouncy yet soft looking curls. As the curls' size can be small to large, you will see a depth in the hair which will render it a subtle texture. If you have very fine and thin hair, then spiral curls will add a lot of volume to the hair too.
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Regular perms will make the hair overall curly. The curl pattern will be uniform. You can choose loose wavy hair or choose kinky curls. Regular perms do add volume to the hair, but they don't give a depth to them.
Who's the Right Candidate
Woman With Long Wavy Hair
For any type of perming treatment you need to have healthy hair. Because, they need to withstand the harsh chemical treatment. However, in the hands of an experienced stylist even dull and limp hair can be transformed into shiny beautiful locks.
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If you want tight, bouncy curls that look well separated and defined then go for spiral perm. Remember the 1980s style? If you have really long hair and want to make them manageable, then this style is the way to go.
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If you just want all the hair to become overall curly, and desire a specific curl shape then go for regular perms.
The Procedures
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Spiral perms are done using special rods which are set at a vertical angle. Here, the rods are long and narrow. If you want banana-spiral curls, then rollers are used to roll different sections of the hair. When these hair are unrolled, you will get different length and sizes of the curls.
Young Woman With Curlers
Regular perms are done using different sizes of rods and are placed flat against the head. Here, only the size of the rod changes. Small rods will give you kinky curls, while large rods will give you long, soft waves.
Woman With Curly Hair
Curly Long Hair
Coloring Curly Hair
Sexy Blonde Woman
Young Woman With Curlers
Woman With Curly Hair
Little Attractive Kid With Hair Curlers
Young Woman With Curlers
Girl With Curlers Doing Make Up
Young Woman With Curlers
Woman With Curlers In Hair
Young Woman With Curlers
The after care for both the perm styles is the same. Seek advice from an experienced hairstylist on proper aftercare instructions. The stylist will be able to guide you to the right products. Also, make sure you go to the best stylist in town to get the best results.