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Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

There was a time when the fascination with straight hair just wouldn't wear off, and today, situations have changed. A good flat iron can work wonders for even a curly haired girl. So, for all you girls who are looking to purchase a new iron, here are a few followups on ceramic flat iron.
Komal Bakhru
Do you remember the time when straight hair was the object of people's affections? Well, that was once upon a time... Now it's nothing more than a step away from purchasing your own little tool that enables you the wonderful straight hair that you've probably always been envious of. Picking the best ceramic flat iron however, has turned into a task of sorts. Gone are the days when it was either this or that. Today it's more a situation of 'these and those'! Jokes apart, I'm sure you know what I'm getting at. When making a ceramic flat iron comparison, you have to agree that you feel confused, and needless to say, spoiled for choice. It's true for most of us is what I'd say. There really are so many ceramic flat iron brands to pick from these days. How about we help narrow down that search by providing you with at least a few suggestions about what you could opt for when purchasing your flat iron.

Ceramic Flat Irons: A Few Suggestions

As mentioned previously, there truly are lots of options to pick from when considering the various followups on ceramic flat iron that you must have come across. So let's take a look at some of the best...

CHI Ceramic Turbo 1" Flat Iron: When it comes to certain products, there are some brands that people just know and love. That is exactly what CHI is all about. This iron comes with some really great heating technology that allows it to heat up in as much as 10 seconds, or even less. It also has a temperature control ranging from 176F all the way up to 392F, thus providing you with more than enough heat to get your hair looking perfectly straight. It doesn't matter how curly or frizzy the hair, using the CHI Turbo on it for a few minutes will give you perfectly straight hair. It's lightweight, is built in a manner to allow you everything right from waves to curls, and even more if you please. The CHI Ceramic Turbo is a great buy if you are considering it.

Price: Approximately $75

GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener: Yet another popular name when it comes to ceramic hair straighteners, GHD is a good buy, always. Here's the problem with a GHD though, it is expensive, therefore, not something everybody can afford. But for those who can, this iron has proved its versatility in every way. It works well when straightening the hair, as well as when you are looking to use it for some waves or curls. It also has the thermal fuse safety feature, which comes in handy when you do not want the iron to overheat. Apart from that, the sleep mode automatically turns the iron off when it hasn't been in use for at least 30 minutes.

Price: Approximately $120

Amika 1.25" Ceramic Styler: The first of many features that sets the Amika apart is the one that this iron comes with 100% ceramic plates, unlike most other ceramic irons which only have a thin coating of ceramic. Also, given that it is packed with infrared, and negative-ion technology, it protects the hair cuticle from any kind of damage. It is light weight, looks good, allows an array of looks for your hair, and comes in several different colors for you to pick from. You can choose from, hot pink, deep purple, cheetah, zebra, and giraffe, to name a few. All said and done, this is a good buy, a tad expensive though.

Price: Approximately $115

Hot Tools Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron 1½": If there's one thing that you just have to love about this iron, it is the fact that it can very easily be used on wet hair, which makes it perfect for all those girls who aren't really morning people, or the kind who are just always running late in general. This iron comes with a dual voltage feature, as well as an auto shut-off feature. Here is the best part about this iron though... Along with 30 very specific digital heat settings, this iron has these channels which help to send out the excess moisture to the steam vents so that it can all evaporate. It is basically this feature that makes it safe to use even on wet or damp hair.

Price: Approximately $50

So, those were a few followups on ceramic flat iron for you. Hopefully they helped you out at least a little. Make sure that when you're out purchasing your next flat iron, you take into consideration all the features that you need to, and only then go ahead with your final decision.