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How to Make Temporary Dreadlocks

How to Make Temporary Dreadlocks

Bored of the way your hair looks? Bold enough to try a new look and experiment with your locks? Find out how to make temporary dreadlocks, when you feel like pulling your hair off. Comb through the article for the procedure.
Gauri Huddar
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
If you catch yourself thinking that you are having a bad hair day, worry not. A few other million women around the world are thinking the same! Wish there was an inexpensive way to do something about it, instead of shelling out wads of greens for a trip to the parlor? There are quite a few hairstyles you can try out at home, but the one less explored is dreadlocks, more suited for the braver set of women who don't mind experimenting with their looks.
Dreadlocks is one of the low maintenance hair styles, but at the same time it is difficult to get rid of them easily. You may have to cut off the dreadlocks. This may sometimes happen even with temporary dreadlocks. But washing should usually make them come out in a few hours. So, if you are not in the mood to commit to a look for long, but want to try something other than the same old 'safe' hairstyles, then read on.
Temporary dreadlocks require your hair length to be between 3-4 inches and 10-12 inches long. Less than 3-4 inches means the dreadlocks will be difficult to keep in place, whereas more than 10-12 inches will require almost a day to make, besides being more laborious and tiring, not to mention boring. If this basic requisite is met, then just grab the following items and you can get started with making dreadlocks.
You Will Need
  • Hair shampoo and conditioner
  • A strong hair gel
  • A rat comb
  • Hair clips
  • Hair iron
  • A friend or two to help you
Getting Down to Business
Follow these simple steps to get your dreadlocks

1. Wash and clean your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Dreadlocks are easier to keep in place when made in residue and oil free hair.
2. Section your hair into small squares of around 1-2 inches depending on how thick you want your dreadlocks to be. The rat comb makes sectioning easier than normal combs. Here is where the friend comes in the picture, because it is impossible to make sections at the back of your head yourself!

3. Hold the different sections in place with clips, and start twisting the sections one by one.
4. While twisting, keep applying the gel to the twists, to help set them tightly. Remember to start with sections from your neck and finish with the sections on the crown, to make it easier and faster.

5. Twist the sections by holding them between your thumb and fingers, starting from the ends and going on till the twist reaches the roots.
6. After twisting each section, place it in a heated hair iron for a few seconds to help the gel and the twists to set properly. Don't leave out any twists by mistake.

7. After heating, keep the dreadlocks in the position you want them to be, and you're set! Do not wash your hair till you want to remove the dreadlocks.
Removing the Dreadlocks
  1. When you want to remove the dreadlocks, first gently rub in some conditioner to soften the dreadlocks.
  2. Next, apply shampoo and rinse it out slowly. Do not get impatient and pull at the dreadlocks to remove them quickly, as this will only cause your hair to break.
  3. The shampoo will take out the hair gel that you have applied. Shampoo twice if you think it is needed.
  4. Let your hair dry naturally before gently combing it out.
An alternative to natural dreadlocks, is to get synthetic ones which are not very costly. They can be attached to your hair without actually putting your hair through the whole process and damaging it. Such synthetic hair is called monofilament/ monofiber, and it provides an easier and safer option. The process remains the same except that you can do it alone. After the dreadlocks are ready, you can simply attach them to your hair sections. They are also easier to remove, and your natural hair is spared in the process!
Dreadlocks is a great style that I doubt will ever be passe. Temporary dreadlock hairstyles are a great option if you are going away on a weekend, or even a weeklong fun vacation. And you don't have to worry every morning about having a bad hair day either. So go for it if you are feeling a little adventurous. Happy styling!