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Titanium Flat Iron Reviews

Titanium Flat Iron Reviews

Being the latest fad in the world of hair straightening, titanium flat irons are subject to a lot of scrutiny. Well, this article carries out a review of the best titanium flat irons for you to decide whether or not should you go for them.
Veethi Telang
If you're blessed with naturally straight hair, I won't refrain from calling you one of the luckiest women on the face of this earth. It's the ones like me who are on a constant lookout for anything that can tame those unwieldy curls, and put them to rest against gravity. Hair straightening is an obsession, and once you see yourself in the mirror with every strand turned drop-dead straight, you can't admire yourself enough. Happens? True that. But then, chemically straightening your hair is one thing, and using a hair straightening iron is another. If your hair is chemically straightened, the process of maintenance and care is different. However, if you use a flat iron on a regular basis, chances are, your hair will lose its sheen and quality. So, what to do? Stop using flat iron totally? Oh, it's not possible for us females who're suckers for straightening. What you can do, however, is switch to a better hair straightening iron that doesn't damage your hair, and leaves your hair sleek and shiny - just the way our lovely Jennifer Aniston looked in Friends. So, for the purpose of this article, we'll be discussing the latest inclusion in the fraternity of flat irons - titanium flat iron. Reviews on the best follow, but only after we get a hang of what exactly is the brouhaha about them.

Titanium Flat Irons - Explained

One of the strongest metals known to man, titanium is brought into use to build machines, weaponry, infrastructure, and now, flat irons. While the world goes gaga over ceramic straightening irons, titanium flat irons offer much more than you can expect a flat iron to give away. a) They're made of strong material, thanks to the not-easily-breakable texture of titanium that makes flat irons extremely durable. b) They lay no harm to your hair's essential oils, and hence, no damage is posed to the quality of your hair. c) It produces FIH or Far Infrared Heat, which protects the external forces of hair. Therefore, flat irons made with titanium plates leave you with flawless texture of hair, along with a lustrous shine that you can't stop admiring. If you've decided to switch to a new flat iron, why not go for any of the following?


We review those flat irons which perform much better than the basic flat irons that you see in every retail store. The following flat irons heat quickly, and perform faster than many others in competition. And the quality? It flickers in the smile on your face the moment you use any of these flat irons the very first time:

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Flat Iron 1"
World's best hair stylists suggest this straightening iron, need I say more? It kills bacteria while you style your hair, and therefore, you can expect the health of your hair to stay intact. Hair stylists state that it works 40 percent faster than any other flat iron of the lot, and yields maximum far-infrared heat. Approx. MRP: $90.

Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener Iron
This flat iron comes with a 3-year warranty, and is one of the best buys. The microporous technology of this device locks up the moisture, and you are free to style your hair whichever way you want. Tell you a fact, you can use this flat iron for curling and flipping too! Approx. MRP: $85.

Avanti Ultra Wet to Dry Nano-Titanium, Nano-Silver and Nano-Ceramic Digital Flat Iron
Just the looks of it will make you want it in your vanity! The fact that it is a fusion of titanium, silver, and ceramic determines its ultimate performance and the availability of latest technology. While the presence of silver in it has a toxic effect on the bacteria, it is also highly acknowledged for its ability to preserve more moisture within the hair shaft. Approx. MRP: $165

Salon Tech Titanium 450 Flat Iron 1-inch
With a maximum temperature of an impressive 450 degrees, the Salon Tech Titanium 450 Flat Iron is known to have the fastest heat-up and heat-recovery time. It's extremely lightweight, and comes with an attractive heat-proof pouch that you can keep your flat iron in, after usage. Use it everyday, it vouches for not damaging your hair even a bit. Approx. MRP: $185.

For some more options, give a go to the following, which combine all the important properties of titanium, along with their plates treated with 'nano titanium' particles, leading to shinier and sleeker hair. The best thing about them? They condition your hair as it straightens! Check out some more:
  • Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron ($199)
  • Metropolis Titanium Ionic Digital Flat Iron ($140)
  • Turbo Tools by Turbo Power Nano-Titanium Flat Iron ($105)
  • Corioliss Pro Style 1" Pink Titanium Flat Iron ($130)
  • itech Hair Titanium Flat Iron ($80)
  • Neo Turbo Silk Titanium Flat Iron Purple Zebra ($150)
Note: The above mentioned prices are approximate, and may be subject to change.

The many positives of these kinds of flat irons make you believe that irons made from this wonder metal are a savior for your bad hair days. The plates made from titanium are scratch-resistant, and this is reason enough for you to know that they will last for a long, long time. Grab the one that fits your budget, and bid adieu to those days when your hair is a disaster!