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Brazilian Blowout Reviews

Going for a Brazilian Blowout? Scan Through These Reviews First

Are you thinking of getting your hair straightened through a Brazilian blowout? Before you do, perhaps it would be better to check out some facts about the treatment, which has been covered in this HairGlamourista article.
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Dry, damaged, frizzy, coarse, and curly hair is a typical hair problem that many women face. In the quest of getting silky and straight hair, they try numerous hair care products on their hair, which actually worsen the existing condition instead of improving it.

Those of you who keep experimenting with various hair care products for their curly, wavy, or unmanageable hair in the hope of getting them straight must have come across the Brazilian blowout treatment. Also known as Brazilian keratin hair treatment or BKT, this is believed to be one of the safest and most effective hair straightening options. If you want to undergo the Brazilian blowout treatment, then you need to go through the following reviews first.

Brazilian Blowout for Hair Straightening

★ Most people rate the Brazilian keratin treatment above many popular hair straightening options, including the Japanese hair straightening method. The blowout infuses keratin into the hair strands, resulting in straighter, smoother, and stronger hair.

Your hair is first washed with a clarifying shampoo in order to get rid of depositions of oil, dirt, and other kinds of residue. The hair is then blow-dried completely, and once it is completely free of the wetness, it is divided into several small sections and then coated with the special keratin solution.

Once the application of the keratin solution is done, the hair is dried again for about 10 to 15 minutes. Lastly, the dried hair is straightened with help of a flat iron.

Nowadays, this process takes about 90 minutes. However, you must understand that this is not a process of permanent hair straightening, and lasts for about 3-4 months if maintained properly.

The cost of this ideally depends upon the length of the hair. According to that, the price can vary in the gamut of USD 150 to USD 800. This cost seems pretty affordable, considering the fact that it lasts for about 4 months!


The immense popularity of the Brazilian blowout has not deterred quite a few eye-opening and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

As far as the advantages of this process are concerned, it is low maintenance and helps the hair fight against external factors like heat and humidity.

The keratin protein which is used for straightening moisturizes your hair and repairs any traces of chemical damage.

Even when its original effects fade away, it doesn't give the hair a damaged and coarse appearance, and keeps it looking natural and healthy.

It is not very time-consuming, and allows you to wash your hair even immediately once it's complete. It does not get affected by exercising, swimming, or sweat. However, many women prefer waiting a few hours or even days before they wet their hair.

Negative Reviews

The biggest cause of concern that deters customers is the amount of formaldehyde, a key ingredient that is used in this treatment. Formaldehyde has potential long-term side effects for both the customer as well as the stylist. Formaldehyde can lead to cancer, and hence, it adds to the list of the disadvantages of keratin hair treatment.

For some women, the cost of Brazilian hair straightening may be a little over the top as compared to other electric hair straightening products like flat irons. Reviews also claim that the effectiveness of a Brazilian blowout widely depends on the efficiency of the hair stylist that you choose.

Some women also complain about itchy and flaky scalps in the long run. Though this is not experienced by everyone, it is still a point to be taken into consideration. Some even complain of oilier scalps that need frequent washing.

Another negative feedback some women have is that it has the possibility of causing eye irritation, as well as allergic reactions on the skin for many people.

So, as we can see, there are quite a few conclusions that can be drawn from the above statements. First of all, Brazilian keratin hair treatment is useful when it is done once in a while. However, you need to get this hair treatment done from a trustworthy hairstylist of a certified beauty salon.
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