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What Are Infusion Hair Extensions?

A Brief Look at What Infusion Hair Extensions Exactly Are

This kind of hair extension has been touted for its safe, long-lasting, impressive results, that are nothing like what one has ever experienced. Let's take a look at what infusion hair extensions are.
Mamta Mule
If you're well-versed with what happens in the world of beauty, then you'll know that hair extensions are quite a rage among not just models, but celebrities too. Many of us look forlornly at their hair, not realizing that we're actually admiring their inconspicuous hair extensions! It's a quick-fix method to own flowing locks without having to wait for hair to grow longer on its own, where it also gives it the kind of surreal dimension that is nothing short of sensational. Let's take a look at why infusion hair extensions are so popular.
Summary of Infusion Hair Extensions
These hair extensions are made, using natural hair; no wonder they're so fabulous. Because it's so incredibly in sync with our natural hair, choosing a color and texture couldn't have been made easier. With synthetic hair, the unreal shine, parched texture, and totally unnatural look, allows little room for us to make a smart choice. With natural hair, you have a ton of options to consider.
Introduced by hair expert Rodolfo Valentin in the 1980s, these hair extensions are noted for their unparalleled quality and durability. These quality hair extensions are handmade, carefully woven to create one-of-a-kind pieces that promise to leave you with better-looking hair within hours. With advancements made in the beauty and cosmetic industry, he caught on to create an adhesive that didn't cause damage to one's natural hair when the extensions were infused, so much so, that even chemical treatments like hair coloring, didn't pose as a threat.
He's won numerous awards―the Hair Coloring Techniques Award, Top Hair Colorist Award (awarded by NYC Hair Guide), and Grand Design Award―for his revolutionary techniques on hair styling and coloring, with his very own salons based in hip NYC, that cater to a solid, customer base that always returns for more.
Where to Get It Done
Rodolfo Valentin salons are listed as one of the top hair salons in NYC, with outlets in Madison Avenue and Long Island. For those of you located close to NY, we suggest taking a little trip to visit his salon, where they say the first visit is like a dream. Visitors are treated akin to royalty, where the salon's calming interiors and congenial staff, are ready to make you feel at home in their spa-like haven.
Plus, the prices for their services are totally affordable and reasonable, giving ordinary people a chance to feel like a million bucks. You'll leave feeling like a whole new you, with your next appointment noted and made, in advance. The salon also has a care center that specially caters to those who suffer from hair-related problems, making life a whole lot better for patients too.