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Celebrity Hairstyles 2017

Celebrity Hairstyles 2017
Hairstyle trends have changed. Now shorter and more natural looking styles are in. Here are some celebrity hairstyles of 2017, to guide you in the latest haircut and style options.
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Last Updated: Dec 30, 2017
If you are bored with your old haircut and you are looking for a change then you must go for a trending one. New hairstyles give you a new look and also bring about some pretty changes in your personality. There are many options for both men and women.
For women, there are many hairstyles to consider; wavy hairstyles are very popular and look glamorous. Sleek styles look edgy and bold and can be seen sported by many celebs. If you are thinking of wearing a style for a party, then updo or braid styles for women, and wet hairstyles for men, are a good idea.
Hairstyles For Men
Straight, Short, and Formal
Hipster Hair
If you have an oval, oblong, or a diamond shaped face then this hairstyle of David Beckham needs to be tried. This is a smooth and ideal hairstyle for men. Your side hair needs a tidy finish. Make sure that there are no edges on the sides. The hair at the top should have longer length and should be swept back. It's an all time classy hairstyle.
Soft Quiff
Brown Hair Leather
If you are blessed with an oval or rounded face, this hairstyle can help you to emulate Ryan Gosling. To achieve this iconic look you first need to have a bit of long hair. The hair needs to be naturally parted at the side and medium ones to be kept on the top. A complete textured hair can be a good look. You can also try to change the look by puffing the top hair, which can reduce the roundness of the face.
Tapered Spikes
Shades Watch Shoes
Yet another hairstyle of the iconic Zayn Malik. This style is suitable for those having a triangular shaped face or sharp features. All you need is to have  small to medium length hair tapering from bottom to top. The top hair needs to be spiked and above all, the hair color needs to be naturally black. A short trimmed beard can really enhance the look.
Hairstyles For Women
Chin Length Bob
Woman Red Hair
If you have long hair and are planning to go for a bob, the new look of Selena Gomez can be tried. All you need to do is chop off your long hair to chin length and you need to create a pulled back bob look. The bob needs to be slightly inverted at the two sides of the face. This will surely give you an edgy and eye-catching look.
Shoulder Length Wavy
Lady Wavy Hair
Suitable for round and oval faces. If you are planning to cut short your long hair, then you can have a look at the new Emma Stone look. All you need is shoulder length hair. The hair needs to be given a wavy look all through the back and the sides. A copper color texture to the hair will help to match with the style of the celeb. The texture will help to create a voluminous and glamorous look.
Curly Casual
Curly Hair Beautiful
If you are gifted with natural curly hair or you have plans to curl your lengthy locks, then you have to go for this Rihanna style. All you need to have is black shoulder length hair. Pull back the thick locks and tie them loosely at the crown. This style is best for rounded and oval shaped faces. The pull back will help to reduce the voluminous look of the curls. This style is suitable for both formal and casual nights.
Buzz Cut
Short Hair
If you are done with all kinds of hair cuts and looking for something you haven't tried yet, then a buzz cut is the option for you. An extremely low maintenance hairstyle in which you have very short hair. Can be useful, especially for those who have thin hairlines. A new hairstyle of Kate Hudson, this hairstyle might give you an inner feeling of being like her. But it takes a brave heart to go for a buzz cut.
You can do many of these styles at home, but a professional hairstylist can give more elegant look. Also you will require to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to maintain the celebrity look.
Young Woman With A Black Wig
Young Men