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7 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Fix Bleached Hair That Turned Orange

7 Ways to Fix Bleached Hair that Turned Orange
Bleached your hair to get a beautiful golden blonde, but ended up with a brassy orange instead? Fret not! Use a purple or blue toner, as it neutralizes the orange shade. You can use a shampoo which has purple or blue pigments in it.
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Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
If you are coloring your hair at home, it is advisable to stay within 2 shades of your natural color. If you want a drastic color change like from black or brown to blonde, it is advisable to get it done from a professional. Doing extreme color changes at home can lead to hair disasters.
We love to experiment with our hair color, don't we? Well, when you experiment, you are bound to make mistakes, and sometimes you may end up with a hair disaster as well. Little variations in color are acceptable, but what if the color has turned into a flashy orange? Unfortunately, not many people can carry a bright color like orange very well.

Now what? Good news is that you can fix the problem at home. Here, we have enlisted some ways to do it right.
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Why Does Hair Turn Orange?
~ Hair turning orange is a very common problem faced by dark-haired women, who are trying to lighten their tresses.

~ Most women with brown hair have red undertones, which lighten to orange when bleached. This usually happens if the hair hasn't been bleached properly or for sufficient time.

~ The time required to bleach hair depends upon the thickness and porosity of the hair, so there is no fixed ideal time for bleaching.
Now that you have ended up with orange-colored hair, which has made it difficult for you to even get out of your house, it's time to fix it. Here's how.
Ways to Fix Bleached Hair that Turned Orange
Use a Toner
~ Toning your hair to remove the orange or yellow tones is a tried and tested method of fixing orange hair.

~ Remember to use a toner of the opposite shade. For warmer colors like orange or yellow, toners in cool shades are very effective.
Bleach It Again
bleach again
~ You have taken so much efforts to bleach your hair, then why give up.

~ Bleaching again can help take the shade from orange to blonde.

~ But do not do it immediately. You will end up frying your hair. It is important to wait for at least a week before bleaching again.
Use a Demi-permanent Color
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~ If you want to fix your hair without using bleach, use a demi-permanent color (darker shade). It is gentler than a permanent color, and washes off after 24 - 28 shampoos.

~ Since most reputed brands sell demi-permanent box dyes, you can color your hair at home.

~ The intent is the sameā€•of covering up orange; the difference is that you won't be using bleach again.
~ It is an effective method as you can darken the hair, and add a depth to the color.

~ Choose from shades like light brown, medium brown, or burgundy. Remember, you can only go in for shades which are darker than the existing color of your hair.
Go Natural
honey to lighten hair
~ A natural way to lighten your hair is to use honey. Mix equal parts of honey and your regular conditioner and apply all over your hair.

~ Cover your hair with a plastic cap, and keep it for 8 - 10 hours.

~ This treatment takes a longer time, and may need to be repeated for optimum results.
Back to the Original Color
forget the fiasco
~ If you are afraid of going wrong with your hair, you can simply go back to your original hair color, and forget the entire episode.

~ Reverting to the original color is safer, but obviously, it should be a shade or two darker. A lighter shade won't make much difference to the hair.
Get Professional Help
consult your stylist
~ It is better to consult your stylist straight away.

~ The hair stylist will study your natural hair color, undertones, and shades to undo the damage in the best possible way.
Chemical treatments are harmful for your hair, so it is important to condition the hair. Choose a deep conditioning treatment or use a leave-in conditioner to bring back the shine and moisture in your hair.
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