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Worry Not! We'll Tell You the Ways to Fix a Bad Haircut at Home

Ways to Fix a Bad Haircut At Home
You've got a bad haircut and you are really upset about it? Don't worry, there are many ways in which you can mend your bad looking hair into a stylish one.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
A bad haircut can be depressing and can make you want to lock yourself in your house and not show your face to anyone. But trust me, you don't need to do that. I have been there too and I am going to give you great tips on how you can actually give a makeover to your badly cut hair. The first thing I would like to suggest to you is that if your hair has not been cut too short, then go back to the hair salon you went to and get another haircut. And if that is not an option read ahead.
Get Snipping After a Bad Haircut
Don't get worried after a bad haircut you can cut your hair yourself. First, see what changes you would like to make in your hair. Then, wet or wash your hair and pick the scissors up.
Adding Bangs
If you think your hairstyle is boring, you can add some bangs. It's not difficult! All you need to do is, wet your hair and then take the first one inch of your hair (above the forehead) and bring them down on your face. Use a good pair of scissors and snip your hair till whatever length you like, but make sure to keep a minimum length of one and a half inch.
Trimming in One Level
Trimming your hair will shorten your hair by an inch or two, but it will level your hair nullifying the style and the look of the new haircut. For stepwise instructions on trimming and different haircuts, you need to know how to cut your own hair.
Getting Choppy Layers
If your haircut is looking really bad or you don't like the style, you can cut your hair and give them choppy layers. 'Choppy layers' is more of a messy and an uneven haircut. This is the best haircut to cover up for a bad haircut. You will need to follow the basic haircutting tradition of washing your hair and doing the hair knots. Then hold one lock at a time, tilt your scissors inwards and give it a cut.
Get Creative After a Bad Haircut
Accessorize Your Hair
The best and the most simple way of camouflaging a bad haircut is by accessorizing them using hair bands, headbands, scarves, bandannas, caps and hats. You will not have to sport them for long; after a month or so, your hair will have settled and grown.
Keep a Messy Look
Now that your haircut has already gone bad, the best way to cover that up, is by curling, crimping or crunching your hair. A curly or a heavy hairstyle will give a messy look to your hair and your actual haircut will not be highlighted. Use either a curling solution, a hair serum, or a hair gel to get the curly, wavy and messy look for your hair.
Color Your Hair
Coloring your hair gives your face a makeover, and makes you look like a different person. When you color your hair, color them in streaks, in whichever color you like. Try colors like pink, blond, black, brown, red and blue. When you use such colors, your hair color will grab the entire attention on your hair.
Tie a Ponytail
A well tied ponytail does the job of covering up for a bad haircut. It might not allow you to let your hair free, so tie them. There are so many ponytail styles you could experiment with, like a high ponytail with bangs, side ponytail, sleek ponytail, easy half ponytail, and a puff style ponytail.
Braid Your Hair
Braiding your hair is a big decision, because it takes up a lot of your time in making them and also takes up a good amount of money. Though, I feel that it is one of the hairstyles that you must try once in your lifetime. And, what can be a better time than getting one done when you have had a bad haircut. It is the best way to hide your haircut and also look stylish.
Get Hair Extensions
Change the look of your hair by adding hair extension locks. They are easy to clip-in and remove, and they look cool too. If you hate the glue and you are afraid of the chemicals used in them, there are extensions that need none of that, you only need to attach them to your hair properly, and the bad haircut will cease to exist.
Wear Wigs
Wigs are no longer considered as accessories for the old. The other day I went to a mall and saw really great hairstyles embedded in the form of wigs. They can actually end up looking better than your actual hair, if you pick the right one. Though, don't wear it all the time, use them only when you are attending important occasions like parties or weddings.
If Your Hair is Cut Very Short...
I know nothing can be worse than having a bad "short" haircut. That's because there is no scope of cutting your hair further. But it's still not too bad. If your hair is shoulder length and they look terrible, then consider cutting your hair further. Give yourself a shorter haircut like a 'pixie haircut'.
Now if your hair is already cut very short, then you can choose to sport the accessories mentioned above. And, I read it in some magazine that 'men are more attracted to women with short hair'. So, don't feel bad! Never be afraid of experimenting! I can say this because I have had 'bad haircut days' too and I have used many suggestions given above. After that, all I need to do is carry it off confidently, without showing or even feeling that something was ever wrong with my hair.
How your hair looks is not only about your haircut, but also how you style them. Take good care of your hair; unhealthy and frizzy hair can look worse than a bad haircut. With this, I'll end with the following quote,
"Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself." - Hubert de Givenchy
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