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How to Effectively Use the Horsetail Herb for Hair Growth

How to Use Horsetail Herb for Hair Growth
Do you want a miracle product for hair growth? Unlike all the other products that claim to help grow your hair back, this one actually works and it is called, the horsetail herb.
Urvashi Pokharna
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know what a horsetail herb is or looks like. It's a herb that is used to concoct different health formulations. Horsetail, known as Equisetum, is commonly grown in North America, which is derived from two Latin words - "equus", that means horse, and "seta", that means bristle. Rightly named, its leaves resemble the soft ends of a brush. However, if you use too many products on your hair and don't condition them well, your hair are going to end up resembling dry and rough ends of a broom, but only less denser. Yes, using too many chemicals on your hair can weaken the roots and cause hair loss. You can also blame stress, hormonal imbalance, aging and lifestyle habits for the same. But, with this herb, you can reverse your hair loss problem and stimulate hair growth on your scalp.
Horsetail for Hair
Horsetail green plants
This herb contains silica which is essential for the formation of protein in the hair. This helps repair damaged hair tissue along the shaft as well as encourage new growth. The nutrients in horsetail provide total nourishment to your hair and add luster to hair, making them thicker and glossier. This also helps your hair to grow faster, stronger and provide it protection against several hair problems and scalp diseases. Apart from growing your hair, horsetail also reduces hair fall and breakage by strengthening its cuticle. But, you must know that most of the silica present is found in its stems. Using this herb for hair growth is recommended over chemical products as silica helps naturally strengthen hair and protect it against heat and pollution. On the other hand, silicon found in hair products only gives an artificial shine to your hair and is very damaging once it comes in contact with heat. Silica also promotes collagen production in the body that improves the overall quality of hair and skin. Other nutrients found in this herb are silicic acids, potassium, manganese, alkaloids and flavonoids. These improve blood circulation, stimulate hair growth and also makes rough and dry hair cuticle look smooth.
How to Use Horsetail for Hair Growth?
Horsetail infusion tea
You can use it topically by applying a formulation containing the herb to your hair. Also, use shampoos and conditioners containing horsetail extract. Or you could take supplements, available in capsules as well as in powdered form. Suggested doses are up to 6 g in a day. You could also drink horsetail tea. Please note, that it contains small amounts of nicotine. Hence, you must prevent nicotine overdose due to over consumption or if you are taking any measures to quit smoking.
Horsetail herb oil
Another remedy is to boil a handful of horsetail leaves, along with the stems, in a gallon of water. Let it sit for about 20-30 minutes and use the water as the last rinse after washing your hair. I prefer this method over internal consumption as it is known to reduce the absorption of vitamin B and thiamin from food. If you consume alcohol, smoke, suffer from blood pressure and cardiac problems or are pregnant or breastfeeding, please avoid consumption in any form, as it can cause serious health problems. Also, those who do not have any such problems, do buy your pack of horsetail tea belonging to a reputed brand and increase your intake of water with it to avoid dehydration.
Caution: Excessive use of horsetail herb could lead to dryness in hair or dermatitis.
Although horsetail is one of the best natural hair growth remedies, ideally you should consult a physician, he/she will examine any likelihood of potential side effects of the herb and its reaction with any prescribed medications you may already be taking, that may lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body. If you are allergic to this herb, you may start showing signs of skin irritation on its application in any form, and fever, nausea and abnormal heart rhythm if taken internally.
This herb was popularly used by ancient Chinese and European medicine practitioners to cure various health ailments such as bleeding, hemorrhoids, frost bites, urinary tract infections, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, lung and kidney problems. Apart from hair growth, you can also use horsetail to rinse your hair and get rid of lice and fleas. Isn't this such a hair-friendly product? In fact, I have been told that it is also beneficial to strengthen nails and improve skin health. So, if you are distressed at not having long, lovely hair like your friend and you want to grow your hair long quickly, horsetail herb is the answer.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purpose only, and does not in any way attempt to replace the diagnosis of a doctor. Visiting your physician is the safest way to diagnose and treat any health condition.