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Washable Hair Dye

Washable Hair Dye

Applying a washable or temporary hair dye is a better alternative, as it allows you to experiment with different hair colors. Unlike a permanent color, you wouldn't have to worry about being stuck with a bad color, as the color just lasts for a couple of washes. This write-up provides information on the brands that offer temporary hair dyes.
Smita Pandit
Gone are the days when the sole purpose of using hair dye was to conceal gray hair. These days, people are using funky colors to make a style statement. If you are bored with your look, you can use bold shades to spice up your look. But what if the home hair coloring experiment turns out to be a complete disaster? Well, the thought of being stuck with a bad hair color itself is very scary. If you are worried about a fashion disaster waiting to happen, the perfect solution would be to use a washable hair dye. Instead of buying a hair color or dye which might take many washes, you must opt for a temporary hair color that is washable. Such a hair color will last for just a couple of washes. So, if you are going for a theme party, or any other occasion for which you want a cool new look, you can use such a hair color.
How Do Temporary Hair Dyes Work
These dyes allow one to experiment with a lot of funky shades. While permanent, gradual, or progressive dyes are best for those who wish to conceal their gray hair, semi-permanent and temporary hair colors are the best when it comes to the needs of fashion-conscious young crowd. So, how is it that such a hair dye can be washed off in a couple of washes, while the permanent ones stay for a longer time?

Well, this is due to the fact that the permanent hair color penetrates the cuticle layer of the hair or the hair shafts, whereas a washable dye doesn't. Washable hair colors or dyes don't contain ammonia, which is a chemical that opens up the cuticle, thereby allowing the new hair color to set in the hair. Once you shampoo your hair, the hair dye is washed out and you can see your natural hair color. So, if you are not very sure as to which color will look good on you, you can always use a temporary dye to find out. Manufacturers are aware of the needs of youngsters and they have come up with various funky shades. These are available in the form of spray, rinses, gels, mousses, and even washable markers.
Brands that Offer Temporary Hair Dye
When it comes to temporary hair dye colors, there are lots of shades to choose from. As far as the brands are concerned, you could check out Manic Panic, Jerome Russell's temporary hair dye, Color Fiend comb-in hair dye, Streekers, Clairol Jazzing, Streaks 'N Tips, and Roux Fanci-full. These are easily available at supermarket, pharmacies, or beauty stores. If you are not willing to shell out money on these products, you could make one at home. Some people use food coloring or Kool-Aid drinks for dyeing their hair. These come in a variety of colors and you can choose the color you want, but these might not work for those who have dark hair.

Though you can bleach your hair and then use Kool-Aid or food coloring, it is always better to use a dye that is washable. There are some natural hair colors that are made by using herbs such as rosemary or sage, but these are better for those who wish to conceal gray hair. So, if you wish to dye your hair just for a occasion, make sure that you buy the ones that are marked as 'temporary'.
If you are planning to use a temporary hair color to spice up your look, make sure that you buy a dye after finding out about the best brands and follow all the instructions properly.