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How to Maintain Chemically Straightened Hair

How to Maintain Chemically Straightened Hair
Chemical straightening treatments are becoming very popular now. This article discusses the procedure of the treatment, its cost, and some maintenance tips after the treatment.
Puja Lalwani
Your hair is your crowning glory, but maintaining it can be a difficult task. Wavy hair particularly requires a lot of styling, and this makes the entire process long and tedious. Choosing to get your hair chemically straightened may be a good option. However, just before you go for it, you need to know the pros and cons as well as the appropriate care tips for treated hair.
The process of straightening hair chemically involves breaking the bond structure that makes the hair wavy or curly, and re-bonding it to make it straight. Chemicals are used so that you don't have to use a flat iron on a regular basis. The process can take anywhere up to 2-4 hours depending on the length of your hair. Such a process is always followed up with a haircut to give your hair a defined shape. The most popular type of treatment is the Japanese technique.
However, the Brazilian Keratin treatment is becoming more popular as it provides a more natural look. Such treatments will last for about 6-8 weeks, and will have to be followed up as your hair grows. When choosing to get your hair treated, you should consider the cost of the procedure. The costs depend on the type of treatment you go for, the length of your hair, as well as the place you get the treatment done from. The prices usually start around USD 250 and may go up to USD 600.
If you wish to chemically treat your hair at home, there are several kits available at drug stores that are much cheaper than getting a treatment from a salon. However, keep in mind that there are risks involved when you are doing this at home. You are not a professional, and no matter how clear the instructions are on the kit, it is a big risk you are taking with your hair. Further, the quality of the products and their effect on the hair thereafter cannot be guaranteed. It is a better idea to get the treatment done from a well-known, certified salon.
Maintenance Tips
While the biggest pro of having your hair straightened is that it becomes so much easier to manage. However, the con is that it involves a lot of after care to ensure that the quality of your hair is not compromised. You should know that the entire process may alter the natural structure of your hair so that it becomes more wavy or less wavy over time. Also, the quality of your hair may be affected.
Though the quality of chemicals that are used has vastly improved over time, they are still harsh, and maintaining the hair becomes very important. You will be given care instructions by your hairdresser after the treatment. Here are some tips so that the treatment lasts as long as possible, and minimizes the effect of the chemicals on the natural structure and quality of your hair.
  • The harsh straightening products are known to dry out the hair and make it brittle. So, getting deep conditioning treatments every once in a while is important. You may also use hot oils to condition at home. Simply apply some warm olive or coconut oil on your scalp and wrap your hair with plastic wrap for a while before you wash it.
  • Use hair care products specially formulated for treated hair. These help preserve the quality of your hair and prolong the effects of the treatment. Specific shampoos and conditioners are available for this purpose, but ask your hairdresser which one you should use for your hair texture.
  • No matter which treatment you have opted for, your hair will be exposed to a lot of heat in the process. Try to avoid the use of blow dryers and flat irons afterwards. Even the best flat iron may cause more damage, so you should definitely avoid the use of any heating products.
  • If you wish to get your hair colored after you have had it treated, first consult your hairdresser to find out if the process is appropriate for your hair. Remember that even coloring agents are loaded with chemicals, which will strip your hair off all nutrients.
  • Since your hair is now easier to manage, try to use a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush to keep it under control. Hairbrushes are likely to increase frizz, and reduce the effects of the treatment.
Any treatment is bound to look gorgeous initially, and it can continue to look exactly that if you maintain it well. There are several methods by which you can straighten hair without chemicals, but they may not last as long. However, they are natural procedures and are bound to cause less damage.