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9 Struggles Only People Suffering from Hair Loss Can Relate To

Struggles Only People Suffering from Hair Loss Can Relate To
Those who experience hair loss go through a lot of emotional agony and pain. Causes of hair loss can vary from anxiety to autoimmune disorders to other hereditary problems, but stress experienced by males and females is miserable.
Jhulin Bihari
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2019
The depression and agony of losing significant quantities of your crowning glory is hard to accept. People start feeling low about themselves, because the hair loss acts as a black hole, that is, sucking up all energy and focus of their life and leaving behind shattered self-assurance and belief.
Low self-confidence
Physical attractiveness is one of the keystones for self-confidence and self-esteem. This makes an individual vulnerable and conscious, but when hair loss occurs, then there is a sharp decline in the person's perceived self-value and worth.
Youthfulness reaches an edge
end of desires
Every time the person sees his/her reflection, it upsets them that the hair loss is adding years to their looks. This signals the end of youth and vitality. A person's interest in bright apparels that depict youth starts to decline.
Styling of hair is not possible
emotional girl
You feel so happy to see those bouncy moisture-locked curls and sleek shinny hair, but people experiencing hair loss can't experience it. The need for styling of hair is replaced with the need for concealing a fast-thinning mop of hair.
The need for an extra accessory
Irrespective of any season, people suffering from hair loss always wear a cap, a hat, or bandanna. This extra accessory may not complement the apparel and make them uncomfortable, but it becomes part and parcel of everyday attire.
Embarrassment and humiliation
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When the signs of hair loss become prominent, one is reluctant to meet people, and this gradually develops into introversion. In many cases, such individuals also fall victim to sarcasm and mockery.
The desire to look good starts waning
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Everyone has a little vanity in themselves, who doesn't like grooming and styling in order to look good, but with hair loss raising its ugly head, the feeling of attractiveness no longer exists.
The huge setback in the use of makeup and cosmetics caused due to hair loss, makes an individual feel awful.
Feelings of jealousy start taking root
People suffering from hair loss don't deliberately want to feel envious of people having thick and beautiful hair, but deep inside, they desire for healthy mane, which can lead to jealousy.
Social life gets affected
low self-confidence
In every meeting, whether formal or informal, we want to look our best. But those with hair loss issues become self-conscious and instead of opening up, they withdraw into their cocoon.
They start isolating themselves from the crowd and like to spend more time alone. This affects their social life negatively.
People who experience rapid and highly visible hair loss, they become highly agitated and annoyed. This causes distress and anxiety, and with time, it turns into disappointment which can lead to depression.