9 Real-life Problems Faced By Girls With Short Hair

So you think short-haired girls have it all easy, huh? Definitely wrong. Short hair is cool and suave of course, but it has its own share of cons. One of the many old problems faced by girls with short hair is slow hair growth. The minute you cut your hair, you want it longer again. Want it to grow back quickly. But of course, it takes a zillion years to grow back. And even regrowth? No, duh. Your hair looks like badly-trimmed grass.
The Incredulous Assumptions
Dealing with incredulous societal assumptions regarding your sexual orientation is outrageously pathetic. People naturally assume you are either a lesbian or totally unfeminine and hate being a girl. Worse still, they think you've probably undergone an existential crisis or a heartbreak. Or may be you have psych issues. Very shamelessly, they do not flinch while actually asking you such insensitive, foolish questions. Talk about an open-minded society!
Visits to the Salon
You need to maintain your haircut, and finding the right hairdresser can be a nightmare. And, when you've found her, you are not ready to go, since you visit the salon as frequently as you visit the washroom.
Obviously Noticeable Changes
When you get the wrong haircut, or your hair has grown back in a weird shape, the entire world is aware of it. No hiding at all.
Showering? OMG!
The first shower after the haircut makes you look like an escaped convict. Short, shorn, and sticking to the scalp, you'll notice that there is hardly any hair left.
Hairstyles? Nearly None. Maintenance? A Menace.
Everyone thinks short hair is easy to maintain, but of course, it isn't. You have limited hairstyle options – no ponytail, updos, bangs, or curls. The awkward, in-between, grown-out-but-not-completely stage is weird. You spend a lot on maintenance, since your hair has to look trim and stylish. Regular haircuts, expensive products, and a wardrobe-for-short-hair eat into your bank account.
The Gender Doubts
You have been assumed to be a man, most of the time. And, when you wear a hat, you look like you have no hair at all. Worse still, if you wear a skirt or gown, you look like a boy dressed up.
Weather Issues? Don't even.
No weather is totally suitable for short hair. You resemble a cotton ball during summer, and an over-sized idiot in the winter. All this because of the many scarves you need to keep your neck warm.
Everyone's Reaction? A Nightmare.
You deal with nightmarish statements, like 'You looked better with long hair', 'You are crazy to have short hair', or 'You have to grow it back'. And people keep petting your hair as well. Grrr!!!