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Small Forehead Hairstyles

Quick Hairstyle FAQs for People Who Carry Small Foreheads

Who says small foreheads have fewer hairstyles to wear? Your forehead, sure, may not be your best feature; a 'bang-on' snip, however, may just end up highlighting your features! Handpicked hairstyles that profile your face to a T ... to flaunt your [hair]style statement like a runway diva! ...
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
Have you ever stood before the mirror and asked, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" Well, if you have, then my curiosity meter has achieved a boost. I am game to know what the answer was! Was it 'You' or the 'Mirror'? If the answer is 'You', cheers! You are in for a treat, my friend!
However, if the mirror screamed 'Mirror', then it's time you wear your cognitive cap. What is it in your appearance that is playing spoil sport? What is that one factor that is defying your beauty and defiling your confidence? Think ... And observe. Is it your hairstyle and your small forehead that turns your best friend -- the mirror, against you? If you nod your head in affirmation, then here are some frequently asked questions that you could refer to, and understand which hairstyles are best suited for small foreheads.
Q1: I do not understand the type of face shape I possess? Could you help me discover it?

A1:You are not the only one who faces troubles in identifying your face shape. So, let me acquaint you with the different face shapes. There are six types of face shapes: (1) Oval; (2) Round; (3) Square; (4) Oblong; (5) Diamond; and (6) Heart. You could cover your face with a wet towel and ask your friend to judge your face shape. You may also outline the face, looking into the mirror, with a lipstick. Here are some guidelines to help you judge your face shape. If you have an oval face, you have slightly rounded hairline and a narrower jawline than the temple width. If round face is what you wear, your face measures the same in wide and length. It may vary slightly, however the measurements you procure are close. Oblong face shape is characterized by being longer when proportioned with the width. If heart shape face structure is what you are blessed with, then a narrow jaw line and a wide forehead are the prominent features. If your face is almost equal in terms of width and length, you are square faced. The hallmark features of a diamond shaped visage is a face that is widest at the cheekbone with a narrow forehead. I hope this answer puts your query at rest.
Q2: I have come to realize that the wrong hairdo is playing havoc with my features. I have a long face? Please Suggest.

A2:I cannot do justice to your question as you have failed to mention the type of forehead you have. All I can suggest is that you could go in for medium short lengths to give your face a fuller look. You would be spared from displaying a drab and pulled down appearance! You may go in for a medium short length haircut plus short bangs. Bangs will give your face a fuller look. Let them not cover your forehead totally. Leave them wispy, bouncy and easy on the fall. Bangs will highlight your features and provide them with an altogether differently layered look.
Q3: My friends call me an idiot box-small TV screen, because I have a small forehead. I have a round face. Which hairstyle you think would suit me? I am frustrated with their constant jibes. I am all set and ready to shave off my hair and go bald. I am desperate.

A3:Let me tell you, you don't need to go bald. I have a solution to get their mouths shut forever and how! You could keep your glory intact with style. All you need to do is to go in for a hairstyle makeover. Bangs for small foreheads is the solution for you. Cut bangs in such a manner that when you part your hair on the side, your bang length appears longer. This will create an illusion of a long forehead. A medium haircut with bangs would be the perfect hairstyle for your forehead. Good luck!
Q4: Could you suggest some small forehead hairstyles? My face is round and I would like to change my drab hairdo? It has been this way for a long time now? I want a pleasant change.
A4: I love the fact that you want some change to enhance your appearance. Why not go in for choppy bangs. By choppy bangs I mean, having asymmetrical bangs. Choppy bangs have the potential to add a definition to your face thereby also giving an illusion of having a higher forehead. You may wear your bangs sleek or leave them wavy. For the rest of the hair, you may style it as per your preference. Tight curls, lose waves or the straight sleek look -- go in for any hairstyle you are comfortable with.
Q5: Are long hairstyles meant for small foreheads? I love long hair and I have been growing my mane for a while now. I have been oiling them regularly and following a diligent haircare routine. Do you think growing my hair long is a good idea? Please help.

A5:For small foreheads, you could stick to medium length hairstyles and haircuts with bangs. Long hairstyles are not suitable for those who have small foreheads. A long hairstyle will only work towards accentuating the forehead size. Side-swept bangs sit well and could be a preferable option. They do not cover the forehead in entirety, nevertheless, camouflage a part of it, thereby burlesquing a higher forehead. All you have to concentrate on, is a hairstyle that has a small amount of volume to add to your face. Hairstyles that deliver abundant volume to the face can accentuate the size of the forehead.
Q6: I am glad that I have an oval-shaped face. More so, since I have heard that people who have an oval-shaped face are coveted with perfect features? Is that true? (I hope it is.) However, personally, I feel that my small forehead is a drawback? I want to adorn a hairstyle that proves me wrong! Reply awaited.

A6:It is because oval faces can wear any hairstyle with equal panache, it is considered to be the ideal face structure. However, it depends on the type of hairstyle you choose that can break or make your appearance. A small forehead hairstyle for oval faces is to go the pixie way! The pixie cut is a type of cut where your hair length reaches the earlobes approximately. Go with the messy look or adorn the sleek sophisticated look - it's your choice. I am sure you would look fantastic!
Q7: My friends say that my face shape resembles the shape of the heart, but I think it is square. How do I find out the actual shape of my face? What kind of hairstyle should I resort to, if I go by what my friends believe ... that I have a heart-shaped face?

A7:Assumptions can prove disastrous. Avoid experimenting with the hair on the basis of the face shape. Find out before you go in for a haircut. Refer to Answer 1 to solve your query. As far as your question on the heart shaped hairstyle is concerned, you could have longer bangs and hair length that reaches the shoulders and is styled sleek. You could pull back your hair and tie a ponytail with short bangs.
This is the end of the FAQ section. I hope you have found this article on useful. So, having read this section, I am sure you have got a clear picture of what kind of hairstyle would be the ideal pick for you.
P.S.-You are now free to challenge the mirror as well! Power to you!
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