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Epic Short Neck Hairstyles That'll Accentuate Your Unique Features

Short Neck Hairstyles
Looking to get a new haircut, but you have a short neck and don't quite know what look to go for? Let's figure out a few solutions for you in this article.
Komal Bakhru
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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Are you one of those who looks for a new hairstyle frequently? But what happens when you feel restricted for reasons like crazy hair that is hard to tame, a small face, or a short neck? Every one of us turns to our stylist in such a situation, as we've all learned to trust our hair in their hands. Thankfully, the outcome is fabulous more often than not. However, it is a good idea to be aware of styles that work for you, as well as the ones that you can work with. For now, let's have a look at some of the best short neck hairstyles.
Haircuts for Short Necks and Tips
What should you be looking at when choosing hairstyles for a short neck? Your primary concern should be to pick a style that accentuates your features, rather than playing them down. This can happen only if you decide upon the right length for your hair, since the length is always a key aspect of making any coiffe look good. So, while short hair is a good look for you, we know that there is a bunch of girls out there who aren't big fans of it and like long hair way better. The good news for them is that they need not worry. There are a reasonable number of cuts and styles for them to pick from too. Now, whether you want to take a chance with some cute short haircuts or simply go with long tresses is your choice. Go with something chic and we are sure you wouldn't be disappointed. Here are a few styles you can consider.
Short Pixie Haircut
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We've all seen and loved the way Victoria Beckham sports this cut. Undoubtedly a swank look for your mane, you need to be confident enough to carry it off. Here's the thing though, this style works best for oval or heart-shaped faces. So, if you have a round face, this style definitely is one you should stay away from.
Short Bob Haircut
Young Japanese woman
The bob has been around and stylish for a long time now. More recently, we've seen Katie Holmes sport this look. The advantage with this look is its versatility. If a classic look is what you want, it's very easily attainable. At the same time, jazz it up with bangs and you're set for a more youthful look. A really neat and sharp look would be cute side-swept razored bangs.
Wavy Bob Haircut
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Didn't we just talk about versatility a while ago? Here's exactly what we meant. This bob allows you to do so much with your hair. If you are one of those girls who doesn't have straight hair, you need not worry. This bob works wonders with wavy locks too. If you aren't convinced, check out pictures of Christina Aguilera wearing this look.
Layered Bob Haircut
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Yet another look is the layered look. Yes, there really are so many ways for you to funk up this conventional cut. The advantage with a layered look is that it can give your hair loads of volume. So, if you're one of those girls with flat hair lacking volume, you can opt for this style. It's cute yet sophisticated, and you can play around with it for a different look every time.
Medium Length Curly Hairdo
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A super cute and girly look, this is perfect for the more feminine girls out there. Mid-length hair is a very safe idea if you don't want the extremes. Get some soft curls with sharp bangs, and you're set. Bask in the glory of your cuteness, and you'll surely make a few heads turn.
Your haircut should always work in accordance with the shape of your face, while the length should also work with your height. If you aren't very tall, try keeping yourself away from very long hair. It will give you a slightly stunted look, which is something you definitely do not want. Also, your jawline, neck, and shoulders will decide how great a haircut will look on you. A short neck, double chin, or broad shoulders would mean a cut that doesn't stop at either of these points. This is because it will only highlight the features you want to draw the attention from. It would also be wise to pick volume accordingly. Excess volume can look a little wild, thus making a mess of all the effort. For more suggestions, ask your hairstylist what would look good on you and take a chance.
I trust the given suggestions will help you figure out some short neck hairdos. We've seen celebs sport it, and now it's your turn. Get experimental and enjoy your cut. Don't forget that your hair will grow back in no time. So, it's time to go chop-chop!
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