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Sport These Groovy Short Wedge Haircuts and Make Heads Turn

Short Wedge Haircuts
A short wedge haircut can work wonders for women who want to keep their hair short and yet look stylish. While wedge cutting techniques help to impart a full-bodied look to the hair at the back, you can further spice up your look by incorporating bangs. Here are some interesting variations of this chic hairstyle.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
The wedge haircut gained popularity in the 1970s. It became an absolute rage among women when they watched the figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill donning a short wedge hairdo at the 1976 Olympics. This hairdo has been around for decades and with time, stylists have added several variations. In fact, wedge cutting technique has been incorporated in various other hairstyles to make them look sassier.
Ways to Style Hair in a Short Wedge Hairstyle
A wedge hairstyle is somewhat similar to the inverted bob cut, but to create short wedge haircuts you need to add more angles. As far as the length of this hairstyle is concerned, it could be medium or short, along with layering at the nape of the neck. To style one's hair in this haircut, the stylist will first cut hair from the back hairline. Every layer that is cut should taper upward, and the layers below the weight line would have to be kept slightly longer than the one underneath. With the shortest hair near the nape of the neck and the longest ones in the weight line, this sassy hairdo would give the full-bodied look to your hair.
Wedge Hairstyles
If you are looking for a short hairdo that is easy-to-manage, yet very stylish, you can surely think about styling your tresses in this haircut. The well-defined weight line is the most striking feature of this haircut. Every layer below the weight line is cut in shallow-angled layers wherein each layer appears to be resting on the layer below it. The layers under the weight line taper towards the nape of the neck. The hair at the sides may be cut up to mid-ear length or longer. This stacked hairdo works well for people with straight hair. The look will depend greatly on the angle. Generally the hair is elevated at a 20 to 45 degree angle to give a stacked look. Changing the angle from subtle to dramatic will make all the difference to your hairstyle. In case you have thick hair, slight layering on the crown can help to shape your hair in a wedge style.
Wedge Hairstyle with Bangs
This hairstyle can look very stylish, especially when bangs are incorporated. While wedge cutting techniques can be used to create a tapered back and layering at the nape of the neck would help to impart a fullness along with swing, bangs will enhance your style quotient. Wedge cutting techniques are often used for styling tresses in an inverted bob. Ever since these haircuts have made a comeback, many women are opting for a short stacked wedge along with a stylish bangs style that enhances their facial beauty. Women with a wide forehead can opt for Cleopatra bangs, while others can opt for side swept bangs.
Layered Wedge Hairstyle
This is another variation of the classic wedge hairstyle. As the name suggests, the hairstylist would have to cut hair into layers to style one's tresses in this hairstyle. For styling hair in this haircut, the hairstylist would first cut the tresses at the nape of the neck keeping the length within an inch, while the length of the layers would increase around the crown of the head. To make this style look more attractive, you could add layered bangs. Another variation could be to get your hair razor cut or textured at the ends to reduce bulk. This will work well for those who want a soft wedge hairstyle. You could also use suitable hair color ideas to make your hairdo look funky.
Asymmetrical Wedge Hairstyle
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While a wedge hairdo would be an ideal hairstyle for women who like well-groomed hair, an asymmetrical wedge is another interesting variation that may appeal to women who want a funky hairdo. Hair can be styled in this haircut by creating more body on one side. Incorporating asymmetrical bangs would be a great way to turn a classic wedge into a snazzy hairdo. If your hair was cut with a middle parting, you could get this look by incorporating an off-center or side-parting. While the weight line can be kept strong, the layers underneath can be given texture using a razor. Face framing fringes or bangs cut in different lengths can certainly help to create a funky look.
Angled Wedge Hairstyle
For this haircut, hair that is nearest to the nape of the neck and at the back of the head are cut to very short lengths. Then tapering and layering is done to accentuate the angled effect. An angled wedge hairdo creates the perfect full-bodied look with shorter hair in the back and longer ones in the front. Adding angles that taper upwards certainly makes it quite appealing. This hairstyle also works well without bangs, but if you want an angled wedge with bangs, it would be best to incorporate side swept bangs that are cut at sharp angles. Sometimes, Cleopatra bangs may also do the trick, but these bangs usually look good on women who have a large forehead.
If you wish to don a short hairstyle, short wedge hairstyle might prove to be the right choice for you. This hairstyle works well for all age groups. Choose any of the variations that would suit your face shape and hair texture, and let the hairstylist do the rest. So girls, what are you waiting for? Sport this groovy hairdo and make heads turn!
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