Hair Thickening Products

The formula behind hair thickening products is to strengthen the hair follicles. Here is some information about different products that are available in the market.
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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018
Process of hair thinning has an effect on the hair follicles. With time, they shrink and one loses hair. Chemical responsible for this action is dihydrotestosterone. This pattern of hair loss is known as male baldness pattern (MBP). Minoxidil and Finasteride are the products approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA, for the treatment of MBP.
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Finasteride and Minoxidil are commercially known as Propecia and Rogaine. Apart from the two FDA approved products, there are many products and techniques available in the market. Laser combs and herbal products are few of them.
Products Used in Hair Thickening for Men and Women
There are many products available for women. Follicle boosters are applied on the scalp. Vitamins present in the follicle boosters reach the hair follicle by penetrating the scalp. For vitamins to reach the hair follicles, the follicle booster products should be left on the scalp for some time.
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Rogaine, a hair thickening product mentioned above, is used by women to thicken hair. Its application should be carried out twice everyday, in order to regain the thickness of hair.
This hair thickening product is made from natural keratin fibers and doesn't contain any kind of toxins. This product acts quickly on the hair and helps in regaining hair thickness. The product is available in different color shades like black, brown, dark brown, med brown, ash blonde, dark blonde, and gray.
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Tigi Bed Head for Men
This product is applied just like any other shampoo and helps in adding volume to the hair. The product has to be used daily for hair to thicken.
Hair Dyes
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To give a voluminous look to the hair, the option of hair dyes can be considered. People with a lighter skin tone should use hair dyes with a lighter shade. These can be used as one of the hair thickening products for African-American hair.
Hair Weaving Products
Hair Samples Of Different Colors
Hair weaving products are known to give thickness to the hair. However, these products can cause undue stress to the scalp and hair. Those who have weaker hair roots should refrain from using hair weaving products.
Black Products for Hair Thickening
The ApHogee Intensive Keratin Reconstructor is one of the products which is used for black hair. This product contains ingredients like keratin amino acids, vitamins, and botanical oils. The product helps in thickening hair and also restores the softness and natural elasticity.
Natural Products for Hair Thickening
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Among the various natural products, henna and oat flour are most effective. Henna is used not only for thickening the hair, but also to give a shiny appearance to it. One can also try washing hair with soap nuts. It gives volume to the hair.