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Short Shaggy Hairstyles to Flaunt Your Funky Side

Short Shaggy Hairstyles
Short shaggy styles look sexy, and the best part is they are easy to style and maintain. Here are some trendy messy short hairstyles...
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
Portrait Of A Beautiful Girl
"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle."
Hillary Clinton
To look amazing, you don't have to style your hair too much. You can present a different side of your personality and achieve a heart breaking effect with a calculated messiness of your hair. Even if you have a busy schedule every day, you can still wear short hairstyles and have enough time to relax while at the same time flaunt your funky side.

Usually, shaggy haircuts include layers, however, the layer types depends on what you choose. There may be several layers for a very short shaggy hairstyle, with a couple of layers at the back so as to provide a better consistency.
Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Women
Short shaggy hairstyles are a preferred choice among women today as they provide a thinner look to the face besides being well suited to women with thick or thin hair. Moreover, irrespective of the hair color you use, this style looks good and is easy to manage. A short haircut is extremely versatile in spite of a scrubby length.
Short Black
Short Back
This shag looks shorter at the back and longer in front. It's commonly called the "Posh" and is named after Beckham's Spice Girl. This style typically starts at the nape of the neck and is layered at the back. You can make the shags longer or shorter to give it a bob shag appearance.
Long Layered
Long Layered
This is one of the most common hairstyles and it involves several long layers. Some famous personalities have been seen to be sporting this hairstyle. Many a time, with this style, your hair would be messed up and your face may be invisible. You should try to use pomade or wax to get a more textured look.
If you are looking for other fashionable options, you can use hair accessories like clips and headbands. If you want to make the pins invisible, you can opt for bobby pins for short shaggy styles.
Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Men
Men sport funky styles quite often just like they do with the clothing. It's found that short hairstyles are sported for a few days followed by long haircuts, and then again being replaced by something else. For men, too, there are several shaggy hairstyles which can be shaped as per your choice. Moreover, a shaggy style does not require much maintenance.
Short and Spiky
Short and Spiky
Short and spiky is one of the most common styles, as the hair can be smoothed even with the hands. This style results in some hair being left over the side and back of the head, and about a couple of inches on top. To give it a stylish look, you can opt to smooth and flatten the top length by applying some hair wax or gel on your hair. This would make the hair look straight, giving you a casual look.
Shag in the eyes
Shag in the Eyes
In this style, the hair deviates away slightly from the neck nape and reaches the cheekbones and the earlobe. While going for this style, make sure that you go for a razor cut as it cuts on very small angles, thereby helping you move your hair more easily. You can use a gel to pull your hair in different directions and give it a fashionable look.
Curly Shag
Curly Shag
If you have textured hair, you can go in for curly snagging hairstyles. You may have come across many individuals searching for some options to remove the curls from the hair, but are unable to do it. This style makes it easy for to fight against curly hair, besides it doesn't require much maintenance. This curly hairstyle gives a uniform style to your hair, which is around an inch long.
Shaggy Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Women over fifty years of age can also get these trendy styles, though it's said that only teens look good in them. These styles look as good in women more than fifty of age as in young women. You can either opt for short bob or pixie styles. You don't need to keep those traditional boring styles when the number of styles which can brighten your look are endless.
Short Bob Hairstyles
Short Bob Hairstyles
Bob hairstyles are extremely popular irrespective of the age. You can wear it whether you are over 50 or a teenager, due to its perfect polished look besides its length. Moreover, it does not need to be maintained much but still looks versatile. You can use different styles whether curly or sleek as per the occasion.
Pixie Haircuts
Pixie Haircuts
It may seem a bit tricky to go in for a pixie style at such an age, but these cuts are ageless. You should seriously consider these crops if you are looking for a fashionable style, which at the same time does not require much maintenance. You can try for a variety of styles ranging from groovy to more formal.
Thus, you can sport short shaggy hairstyles irrespective of age or gender. While using one of these styles, make sure that you take good care of your hair so that you can maintain its lustrous look.