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Unimaginably Beautiful Short Layered Haircuts for Women Over 40

Short Layered Haircuts for Women Over 40
Short layered haircuts are an absolute 'must have' for women over 40 this year. So, if you're 40 plus, and willing to take a dive into a world of snips, cuts, bobs and layers, this article is the one for you! Take full advantage of it!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Turning forty is a milestone that some women are conveniently willing to overlook. Why on earth, is my question! Forty does not equate old. It's equivalent to maturity and wisdom. So you need to stop wallowing over the 'years gone by' and do something extremely 'radical' to make your today fun and enjoyable, along with some oomph and style thrown in too. How? By getting yourself an awesome, cute short layered haircut of course! Trust me, there's nothing more uplifting to the spirit of a woman than a fantastic haircut. And a layered haircut is undoubtedly one of your best bets this time around. So, go through this article and see what kind you want to opt for!
In what follows, you'll find our scoop on what we think are some of the most favored and quite frankly, the hottest layered haircuts that 40-somethings can sport with ease, panache and even some mischief. You can pick the ones that suit your face structure, your overall built and of course your liking.
Haircuts for Fabulous Forty-Somethings!
Extremely Short
Woman With Short Blond Hair
This look is quite a popular one, especially with women over 40. It involves totally shortening the length of the hair, to resemble what people might call a 'boy' cut. However, it does not have an overall masculine appearance, so don't go worrying your pretty heads. All it does is, it adds a lot of elegance and sophistication to your face and gives your neck a long appearance. Just because you're over 40, does not mean that you cannot have an inspiring haircut. So, go ahead, cut your hair really, really short and shock everyone you know!
Messy Mane
Smiling Business woman
This is one cut certainly worth a try for women over 40. As the name suggests, the hair looks like a lion's mane which looks gorgeous and adorable. This haircut, for sure, stands out as it makes you look younger. The messiness does not give any sort of wierd or dull look but rather adds up to your beauty and makes you look more fashionable. So, why not give this cool cut a try and be obsessed with this, like, forever.
Inverted Bob
Young Beautiful Brunette
Classic, chic, sophisticated and eternally elegant! That's an inverted bob for you. Rubbish every one of those claims that inverted bobs are just for the pretty teens by sporting it in an ├╝ber cool (for lack of a better word) way. To perfectly complement an inverted bob, a thin and triangular face works best. However, you might want to consult your hairdresser (whom you obviously trust more than me) on whether this is the one for you.
Choppy Layers
Red Head Woman
If there's one haircut that looks great in any form, it's the choppy layered haircut! Whether in long hair or short hair, nothing looks as classy, yet teasingly playful as a choppy haircut. And one in short hair looks especially sexy too. So if you're flirting with forty (again, excuse the cliche), and are willing to give yourself an entirely new look, then the short choppy layers are definitely the thing for you. Long faces look best enveloped by choppy layers. You might want to keep that little detail in mind too.
Pixie Layers
Smiling Woman
You know, it's never too late to experiment with your looks. And after 40, after you've done your fill of impressing as many people as you had to with your picture perfect appearance, now you can finally do something out of the box. Get yourself a cute little pixie haircut like the one alongside. Contrary to popular belief, it does rock, even on a 40 plus woman! Don't believe me? Just ask Jamie Lee Curtis, Ashley Judd and the string of other celebrities sporting it!
For all you ladies who think the ones mentioned above are too drastic and dramatic, you can check out the images below to see if you like anything. Something's got to strike a chord with you! Have fun picking!
Woman Holidays And Celebration
Portrait Of Woman In Office Lobby
Smiling Senior Woman
Smiling Woman With Cup Of Tea
Senior Businesswoman Smiling
Woman With Gray Hair
Confident Business Woman
Woman With Short Hair
Woman With Cup Of Coffee
Mature Businesswoman
Mature Businesswoman
Happy Senior Woman
Glamour Beauty
Lady Looking Away With Chin Resting On Hand
Beautiful Girl
Woman With Great Smile