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Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50: Time to Embrace Something New

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50
As you age, your style undergoes change. You experiment with your clothes and shoes but you tend to be wary of experimenting with your hair. Short hairstyles are elegant and sophisticated options for women over the age of 50. They can make you look younger and enhance your appearance.
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
5 Reasons You Should Go For Short Hairstyles
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  • Top hairstylists suggest short, layered hairstyles that frame a woman's face because it draws attention to her eyes, and takes the attention away from the jawline.
  • As you age, your hair tends to become dryer and thinner. The best way to create an illusion of volume in such a case is to opt for short, shaggy haircuts and layered cropped hairstyles.
  • Maintaining short hair is incredibly easy. A quick shower, a quicker blow dry, some hair serum/pomade, and you are ready to go.
  • Short hair is chic, bold, and sexy. There is a certain sense of confidence that a woman with short hair exudes.
  • Looking to redefine yourself? There is no better way to make yourself over and unveil the new you than changing the length of your hair.
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Having said that, opting for a short hairstyle, especially if you are over 50 and have always had long hair can be a huge decision. If you are not completely convinced, then we suggest you still maintain a longish length. There is no mandate that you have to go short after a certain age. It depends on your preference. Pick your cut on the basis of your lifestyle, the structure of your face, and very obviously, your hair type. But if you have decided that it is time to go short, and you are game for experimentation, then here are some options you could pick from.
Hairstyles to Pick From
Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs
pixie cut
A sleek, chic look is perfect for a slightly mature woman who likes to put her best foot forward. Side-swept bangs draw attention to the eyes and camouflage forehead wrinkles. This pixie hairstyle is a fuss-free one. All you need to do is run through a dab of hair mousse when your hair is wet and you're good to go.
Feathered Shag Style
feathered shag
If you are ready to be slightly adventurous and modern with your haircut, then this style will work wonders for you. It is a versatile cut that can be worn brushed down for a formal look or brushed back for an edgier, funkier look. Opt for lowlights in a color that is a shade or two darker than your natural hair color to render some depth to the style.
Soft Graduated Bob
bob hairstyle
If you want to opt for a classic look with a slight twist, then we suggest a soft graduated bob. A layered cut that frames the face, this style is such that it gathers at the nape, which allows for a delicate, feminine look. It makes you look much younger than you are. It is the perfect style for someone who has a round face.
Asymmetrical Pixie Style
pixie hairstyle
For an older woman who is dealing with the problem of thinning hair, this is a great style to opt for. An asymmetrically cut pixie style gives an illusion of volume while framing the face, without making it look harsh or too strong. This hairstyle works best for women who have a thin face. It flatters their facial structure making it seem fuller.
Classic Bob
classic bob
Think Helen Mirren - elegant, beautiful, and ever-so-gorgeous. She sports a classy haircut that never goes out of style. For a similar look, opt for a blunt cut on the bottom, and wispy layers around the face. It will make your hair look thicker and fuller. While brushing your hair, always brush inwards to retain the volume.
Short Shag Style
short shag
A short shag haircut is a great option when you want a style that makes your hair look bouncier and more vibrant. Opt for face-framing layers that are flicked outwards for a fun look. Choose between choppy layers or razor-cut layers. It is easy to style this look in different ways for a sleek or edgy appearance, depending on the occasion.
Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
side swept bangs
If you have naturally wavy hair, then aren't you lucky! A short bob with side-swept bangs is the perfect way to create a flirty, youthful look. With tousled waves and gorgeously free hair, it is the best style for an older woman who is young at heart. Just wash your hair and run some styling cream through it when it is wet for the perfect look.
A short haircut can be a lot of fun. If you have always resisted a drastic change, then this just may be the time to embrace something new. Consult your hairstylist. Take along photos of styles that you really like and tell them which of your features you would really like to accentuate. You can work together to create a style that truly suits you and gives you a complete makeover.
Short Haircut
Short Haircut
Short Haircut
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