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How to Do Chunky Highlights

Learn How to Do Chunky Highlights and Get a Wild and Unique Look

If you are bored with traditional highlights, you might want to try something more interesting. The article below tells you how to do chunky highlights on your own that will certainly make your hair look fantastic.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
It may be rather irritating have a bad hair day every now and then. Instead of using the tried-and-tested perming, soft curls, straightening, or braiding, it would certainly help if you could try coloring your hair and bring some spice in your daily life. Even as regards to highlighting or low lighting, you could bring some twist.
Try chunking your hair. It is quite similar to the normal hair highlights and lowlights process. But, it is characterized by coloring larger sections of hair compared to fewer hair strands. Chunky hair highlights certainly give a wild and unique look to your personality. People generally go for flamboyant colors to assert their out-of-the-box, cool attitude, but you can also go for soft natural colors.
Things You Would Need
Before you think about chunking your hair, it is important to consider certain things about essentials well in advance. Given below are the things you would need and some caution and advise regarding them.
Hair Color
Obviously, you would need a hair color to chunk your hair. You must buy a good quality standard color for yourself. You also must decide on the color that is compatible with your natural hair color, especially if you are going for permanent color. For example, brown hair with chunky highlights in red or pink looks cool. Apart from chunky highlights for brown hair, they also look great on blond and black hair. Young college going boys and girls can opt for more casual and vibrant colors whereas if you are a working person then go for natural or pastel colors that you can easily don on the formal attires for more professional look.
Coloring Pattern
You also have to decide about how much portion of your hair you are planning to color or what style would suit you, etc. You can color only the back side hair or have the colored chunks all over your hair. You may also color only the bangs or hair strands, etc. If you are a male, you can color only the spikes or front hair in chunks, etc. Apart from this, you can experiment with various hair color ideas and choose the one that suits you. Chunky highlights for short hair are very popular, so you may get cool haircut first, and then go for coloring.
Coloring Tools
Apart from the color, you would need the hair brush to apply the color, hair clips, comb, and foil wraps. Make sure that you use a proper wide and fine dye brush. Also, use non metal hair clips and comb to avoid any reaction with the color. Use a wide-toothed comb. You can get these things from any local cosmetic shop.
Expert Advise
Chunking is generally performed by the experts with proper caution that gives the best results. So, it is advisable to consult your hair stylist before you dare to practice it at home. If you are determined to do it at home, then take the required precautions and begin the task.
Chunky Highlights at Home
Step #1
Wash your hair thoroughly with a good clarifying shampoo in case there is any hair build up. The clean hair can absorb the color better that gives a better final result. Once you wash your hair, do not apply the conditioner. Dry the hair thoroughly with a dryer.
Step #2
Now, open the color bottle and mix the right portions of hair cream and coloring agent. If you do not have any idea about the quantities, then read the instructions on the bottle carefully, and mix the hair color and activator accordingly. Make sure you create the mixture in a non metal bowl or plate, and use plastic or fiber spatula to mix the stuff.
Step #3
Now, wear plastic hand gloves and start the process. Comb your hair properly to get rid of any tangles. Take the chunks of hair you have decided to color. Comb that hair chunk again. Place a square or rectangular piece of foil under the hair chunk. Now, apply color to the chunk with a hair brush. Make sure that every hair strand has been coated with the cream properly. Then, wrap the foil paper around the colored area, and let the mixture work on hair. Similarly, using this hair highlighting technique, apply color to all the hair chunks as per your plan by sectioning hair well.
Step #4
The activating time depends on how much hair you have colored and which company's hair color you have used. Different hair color creams have different activating time, so read the instructions on the label carefully and keep it for the prescribed time.
Step #5
Now, you have to slowly remove the foils and wipe out the excessive cream with cotton. Wash the hair thoroughly again. Blow dry them and comb them well. And, your great chunky highlights are ready, and you are all set to flaunt your new look.
With this information, you know how to do chunky highlights on your own at home. You can share these hair coloring and highlighting ideas with your friends and family. Chunking at home will certainly cost you less. Have a wonderful time chunking your hair!
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