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Brazilian Keratin Treatment Cost

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Cost

The Brazilian keratin treatment cost falls between USD 150-600, with the average cost coming to about USD 300. In addition to low Brazilian keratin treatment rate, this hair straightening solution gives best results for all types of curls. Read on.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Medium to long straight hairstyles never go out of fashion. Lots of hair stylists are busy with clients, who prefer to flaunt a well-maintained, straight haircut style. But, with so many hair straightening techniques available to us, we get confused while choosing a cost-effective, safe, and reliable method. So, how does a Brazilian keratin hair treatment work? And what is the actual Brazilian keratin treatment cost? Is it affordable or too pricey to try? Scroll down to get answers for this hair straightening procedure that has gained huge popularity amongst hairdressers.

What is Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment?

The Brazilian keratin hair treatment involves relaxing curls with the help of a mild chemical solution. If you go through the labels of hair relaxers and straighteners sold in the market, most of them are formulated with harsh chemicals, like ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide. Using them causes hair breakage and hair fall, especially in recently colored, highlighted, or chemical treated hair. In case of Brazilian keratin treatment, the main ingredient that straightens hair is a protein called keratin, hence, the name.

In the Brazilian keratin treatment procedure, the solution is applied all over the hair, after which controlled heat is applied to seal the solution to the hair cuticle. After leaving for a stipulated time, hair is rinsed thoroughly. Along with straightening effect, Brazilian keratin treatment adds body to thin hair. Another plus point is the low cost of Brazilian keratin treatment, which is much cheaper than the highly popular hair thermal reconditioning or Japanese hair straightening technique.

How Much does Brazilian Keratin Treatment Cost?

Known by different names, like Brazilian hair straightening, Brazilian blowout or simply BKT, it is suited for nearly all types of curls. This is because the keratin protein present in BKT is similar to a natural protein present in hair, which is responsible for straight hair. People who have gone through Brazilian keratin hair treatment have achieved prompt results, and are happy with their shiny and more voluminous hair. As far as the average cost of Brazilian keratin treatment is concerned, it comes to about USD 300 per session.

The actual Brazilian keratin treatment rate may vary for different clients, based on certain factors, such as hair texture, length, and volume. For example; very long hair or damaged hair that require careful handling will cost much higher than normal, medium length hair. Considering all these aspects, the cost of Brazilian keratin treatment falls anywhere between USD 150 - 600. Also, depending upon the length and thickness of hair, this hair straightening treatment procedure may take 2 - 4 hours or more.

After undergoing Brazilian keratin hair treatment, the straightened hairstyle will remain for about 1 ½ months or more. As days passed, the hair will turn slightly wavy. On the downside story, even the safest hair styling methods are associated with some adverse effects, and keratin hair straightening treatment is no exception. It is found that the Brazilian keratin treatment solution contains a high amount of formaldehyde, much more than the safe level. Also, the keratin solution may cause fading of hair color or hair highlights.

In short, the Brazilian keratin treatment cost is lower than other hair straightening procedures available to us. Even if you have colored your hair recently, you are not required to wait for several months to try this hair straightening method. These are the two main reasons why this hair treatment has many satisfied customers. What's more, people can curl their hair after going through keratin hair straightening procedure. In order to get yourself updated with the tolls of keratin treatment on hair, you can discuss the pros and cons of this method with a qualified hairdresser.