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Hair Color Products for Black Women

Hair Color Products for Black Women
Choosing the right kind of hair color products is a must if you wish to achieve that desired hair color shade and also have good hair. Read the following article and find out more...
Rutuja Jathar
Coloring one's hair has become a sort of beauty ritual. Many people and especially women are trying attractive hair coloring ideas as their unique identity. Since you are going to put artificial products on your crowning glory to change the existing hair color, you need to pay special attention as far as hair care is concerned. The same fact is applicable to black women or African-American women. Most African-American women have dark hair and deep skin tone.
The frizzy or tight curls of these hair makes them delicate to damages like dry hair and brittle hair. As we all are aware, hair coloring is the root cause of occurrences like dry hair, dull hair, hair breakage and hair fall. In order to avoid such damages, choosing the best hair care products for black women gets extremely important. If you have decided to color your mane, then considering a few hair care tips is a must duty for you. Keep reading the following section of the article and learn about the basics of choosing the best hair colors and coloring products for black women.
Choosing Good Hair Color Products
When it comes to choosing the best hair coloring products for ethnic women, it is important to look for products that will cater to your individual needs. For instance, some women may have coarse and dry frizzy hair, but others may not have such problems. Hence, rather than relying too much on the product reviews, consult a good hair care professional who will analyze the condition of your hair and recommend ideal products for you.
Most of the hair colors that are available on the market, are loaded with hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, calcium hydroxide, sodium and such other chemicals that slowly damage the hair and completely change the hair texture. However, not all types of hair colors are harmful for you. Hair color products are characterized as, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, permanent, temporary hair colors and hair color rinses.
  • Temporary Hair Color: If you want to temporarily cover your hair with another color, then choosing temporary hair color is the best solution. Just keep in mind that temporary hair colors do not change the original hair color, but they change the color. I would like to mention that temporary hair colors are also suitable for relaxed hair.
  • Hair Color Rinse: The best thing about hair rinses is that they are free of ammonia as well as hydrogen peroxide. These hair colors last until you wash it off. Hence, if you want to add shine and depth to your hair, hair rinses are some of the best hair color products for black women. Hair color rinse adds depth and shine to the hair and that too, in the least amount of time. Hair color rinses are suitable for relaxed hair.
  • Demi-Permanent Color: Although they contain traces of peroxide, demi-permanent colors are totally ammonia free. Demi-permanent colors is an ideal solution for you if you are looking for hair colors to hide gray hair. These colors last through more than 20 shampoos. However, these colors are not suitable for you if you are looking to lighten dark hair.
  • Semi-Permanent Color: Semi-permanent hair colors are long-lasting and they are free of chemicals. You can use these colors on relaxed and processed hair. Semi-permanent hair colors are made long-lasting with help of heat. Such colors last for more than 10 hair washing sessions. These colors do change the original hair color to a certain extent.
  • Permanent Hair Color: Permanent hair colors give entire color change and they are loaded with ammonia and peroxide. These colors are permanent for around 6 weeks and after that you need to go to the salon for root touch ups. This gets even more important if you have relaxed or processed hair.
Best Hair Colors for Black Women
You have an idea about the best hair color products that cause the least amount of damage. Now, you can search for the ideal color shades that are suitable for your skin tone. Apart from black, African-American women have various other natural hair color shades. If you wish to change your existing hair color, then let me tell you that there are plenty of options available. Especially, if you have untreated hair and hair which is not permed or relaxed.
Even if you do have relaxed hair, there are certain hair color shades that can be chosen for black women. A few of the most suitable hair colors for black women are: shades of blonde (untreated hair) like golden blonde, bronze, golden bronze; deep brown, plum, burgundy (medium skin tone), caramel, chocolate brown, bright red (medium skin tone); highlights of colors like red, auburn, bronze, golden blonde, etc. If you are interested in getting permanent hair colors, then I would advice you to get professional help.
Now is the time to learn about some brands that provide such hair care products for black women. Most reliable brands of hair care products like L'Oreal, Clairol, Revlon, Crème of Nature, Elasta, Fanciful, Paon Permanent Ammonia Free Colors, Jerome Russell, CHI Permanent, African Pride HiLites Booster, Daggett & Ramsdell, etc. As I said earlier, you need to consult a hair care professional so that you can make the correct choices!