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Best Hair Color Ideas to Get the Right Color for Yourself

Hair Color Ideas - Get The Right Color for You
You may decide to wear a short haircut or a long hairstyle to make your hair look more beautiful. However, the best option to make your hair appear more vibrant and attractive is to add hair color to it. The right kind of hair color can lift your spirits to a new high and give you a new glamorous personality.
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Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
There is no rocket science involved when it comes to choosing the right hair color. But if you are a newbie at hair coloring, then you need professional advice. There are some important things you need to consider before you arrive at a conclusion with regards to the right color.

If you are looking to color your hair for fun, then you need not worry; the options are mind-boggling, and you can experiment as much as you can with the variety of shades available. A good hair color can help to add drama, fun, shine, and glamor to your hairstyle. But in case you are not experimental and are looking for the right hair color, then you need to educate yourself about the basics of hair coloring. This will only avoid a few frustrations and loads of tears.
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The secret in choosing an appropriate hair color primarily depends on your skin tone and eye color. Your skin color plays an important role in helping you determine the right hair color. Choosing an appropriate hair color will primarily depend on if you have a warm or cool skin tone. But, how do you arrive at that conclusion? A tip would be to check your veins, if they are bluish then you belong to the cool category and if they appear greenish, then you belong to the warm category.
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If you belong to the warm skin tone category, dark brown, black, or hazel color, golden brown or medium brown shades would work well for you. Opt for caramel or bronze shades that are darker than your skin, they complement your skin tone and enhance your look. Rich colors such as chestnut, auburn or mahogany also work well for those having a warm skin tone and hazel, blue or green eyes. Try some cool highlights like cinnamon or copper if you wish to experiment a bit.
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For people who have cool skin tones and light eye color, you can opt for gold, ash browns, cool browns and copper. You must select a hair color that adds some depth to your skin tone. Shiny raven blacks is another good option worth considering. However, you ought to be careful to avoid yellow or its tones that make you look sallow. If you have hazel, blue, or green eyes, anything from a light brown to a medium blonde would look great.
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Red hair color suits most skin tones. There are varied tones of the basic red, so you need to know which shade would match in the best possible way. Most women with a cool skin tone and dark eye color tend to carry off red hair with great flamboyance. People with medium skin tones should opt for medium red hair shades. Auburns and medium reddish-brown are likely to complement your skin tone as long as they're not too dark. Avoid dark reds and bright coppers.
If you are not sure of pulling off red, yet wish to have it, try adding red hair color via highlights. Make sure the shade of red you choose blends with the natural color of your hair, yet giving it a noticeable boost.
blonde hair color
Blonde shade is a popular hair color amongst most women. However, not all can carry it off well. You can make use of the variety of light, as well as dark shades it offers. If you have a brown or tan skin color, it is better to avoid light shades of blonde; whereas those having a pale or fair complexion should avoid darker shades.
If you have natural brown hair, then coloring them blonde may give you a washed-out look. The safest way to have a blonde color is to go for highlights. Moreover, all over blond is a total no-no for those having shoulder length or wavy hair, unless opt for a slightly dark blonde.
Since, there are a variety of hair colors available, it is normal for anyone to get confused. In such cases, seek professional guidance. It is better to visit a hairstylist and ask for a hair color chart. Check out the hair colors which you think perfectly match your skin tone, and ask the hairstylist for hair coloring ideas. You can also try the hair color you have zeroed upon, on a strand of hair that can be hidden or is not generally shown. Even better, you can apply temporary hair color on all of your hair, which fades away in 6-7 shampoos. If you think it does not suit you well, try another one and in case you think a particular color suits you, go for permanent hair color.

It is suggested that you get the job done from a well-known hairstylist. Although it may prove to be expensive, you can definitely avoid disasters that may occur if you try it at home. However, if you have friends or relatives who can help you do it at home, then getting your hair colored at home may be a good option. Now, getting your hair colored properly is not the end, you also need to follow proper hair care guidelines to keep your hair glowing.

Whichever hair color you choose, simply ensure that it looks good on you and makes you feel beautiful and stylish. Make sure that you do not frequently change your hair color, it may eventually damage your hair.
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