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Gray Hairstyles for Seniors, Because Age is Just a Number

Gray Hairstyles for Seniors
It's not about the age anymore. Just like the young, the old lot is also not afraid to experiment with their looks. This HairGlamourista post provides a plethora of hairstyle options for seniors with gray hair.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Celebs with Gray Hairstyles
The best of them have been sported by Judy Dench, Paula Deen, Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Gere, Morgan Freeman, and George Clooney.
The best hairstyle is the one that matches your personality and face shape. There are a variety of hairstyles that you can choose from, according to your age and even the style you want to sport. You will find some hairstyles that use the hair's natural color to blend into the hairstyle for making it attractive.
Wearing Gray Hairstyles
With growing age, our hair begins to become thin and silvery in color. Hence, there arises a need to use different hairdos that match the age, as well as hide the thinning of hair. Older women should choose short or medium hairstyles that hide their aging neckline, whereas older men should stick to their conventional short haircuts.
For Women
Classic Boy Cut
Classic boy cut for women
Be it Anne Hathaway that you are inspired by, or Ellen DeGeneres, whether you are 25 or 60, a classic boy cut never fails to look ravishing. In a classic boy cut, the hair on the sides and back of the neck is tapered, while that on the top is slightly longer. For a more playful look, the grays can be matched with hues of light pink or blue. This haircut mostly suits all face shapes, but is especially great for those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.
Long Pixie
Long pixie haircut for women
You have quite a few options when it comes to long pixies. A razor-edged pixie in which the hair has ragged edges with long bangs looks very stylish. A sugar pixie is recommended for those with round- or square-shaped faces. In this haircut, the hair is short around the ears and longer on the rest of the head. Another option is a grown-out pixie in which the nape is kept short and tapered into long layers on the top.
Medium Layers
Medium lair haircut
Short pixies with short fringes work best for oval faces. Those with round faces can have pixies which provide height to the crown. The ones with a heart-shaped face can use the same technique, with the sides kept flat. Since these individuals have a wide forehead, side-swept bangs will make it look narrow. This haircut is also great for those with curly hair. For curly hair, the haircut has short layers all over the head and longer layers on the nape.
Short Pixie
Women with short pixie cut
You can go with tapered layers which highlight your facial features by using a razor, only to taper the hair that frames the face. A shoulder-length layer combined with a mid-length haircut looks good on all face shapes. The haircut creates an illusion of thicker hair, if swept bangs are kept.
Classic Bob
Women with bob cut
Nothing can go wrong with a classic bob. The haircut has always been and will always be in vogue. However, there are several types of bob cuts, and their suitability depends greatly on your type of hair and face shape. If you have fine hair, it is best to get a blunt bob, and the ones with curly hair will look best with a short bob. For those with square or oval faces, a short bob suits best. You can also opt for an angled bob, which makes the hair look much thicker than it is.
Bob with Outward Flip
Outward flip bob cut
This hairstyle works best if you have layers in your hair, instead of a uniform length. The hairstyle suits all face shapes and is easy to maintain. The flips can be achieved easily using a blow dryer or a flat iron.
Cropped haircut
A variety of styles can be achieved with a few styling variations to a cropped cut. A short crop greatly highlights a woman's facial features.
Long Layers
Long layer haircut
A lot of people will ask you to go short as you age. However, if you like your tresses, there's no need to chop them off. Long layers will do enough justice to your hair. It also gives you the option of trying various braids and stylish updos.
For Men
Ivy League
Ivy league haircut for men
Made famous by Channing Tatum and Matt Damon, the Ivy League, also known as Princeton, is a type of crew cut. The side and back of the hair is tapered short, while the length of the front line top hair is kept long. The length of the top hair varies according to the size of the skull. The haircut is suitable for wavy, coiled, as well as straight hair. This style can be worn with a side part, with the top hair brushed to the side or spiked on the top.
Flattop haircut
Another type of crew cut, a flattop is a haircut in which the hair on the top is given a flat surface, while that on the sides is cut to give a square appearance. When viewed from the top, the hair looks like horseshoe.
Textured haircut
For a textured look, the hair is cut unevenly at the end, for which a shear point technique is used. It can also be done using a razor or thinning shears.
Layer Cut
Layer haircut
This is one haircut that is performed entirely with shears. The cut can be long or short, depending on the individual's choice. The hair is cut in the same length all over. A little bit of styling cream can be applied, and sections can be twisted to add texture.
Classic Taper
Classic taper haircut
In this haircut, the hair is longer on the top, and tapers towards the ears and neck. The hair on top can be slicked to the sides for a stylish look. Alternatively, it can be worn down for a casual look.
Classic Boy Cut
Boy cut for men
The easy and comfortable boy cut is a pure classic. In this haircut, the hair is tapered along the sides and back of the neck.
Business Man's Haircut
Business man haircut
This haircut is very popular among those working professionals who require a conservative look. In this haircut, the hair on the sides and back is cut with a slight taper, whereas that on the top is left long.
These hairdos with the use of different patterns and layers would help you make a style statement. However, older men and women who wish to sport gray hairstyles only for hiding thinning hair and aging signs could go for simpler styling options. Keep in mind that one should not keep their options limited just because they belong to a particular age; one must always be ready to add some zest in their lives, as well as to their hair.
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