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Gluten-free Shampoo Brands

Gluten-free Shampoo Brands

Finding a gluten-free shampoo is hard, but certainly not impossible. For all the needed help, here is a brief review...
Rutuja Jathar
When you are diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, taking proper care of your body becomes an urgent need. When you are done with adjustments regarding dietary changes due to gluten intolerance, you need to check personal care products for proper skin care as well as hair care. To one's surprise, you need to use gluten-free shampoos and conditioners if you are suffering with any gluten intolerance symptoms. The best thing to do that is to check the product labeling and figure out the ingredients and their amount that may increase your health problem. Easier said than done though! Owing allowance of FDA labeling laws, companies withhold rights to disclose some of their trademark ingredients, incenses and ingredients that add up to less than 1% of their product formula. This is where a layman gets confused and also a victim to gluten intolerance.

Finding Gluten in Shampoos and Conditioners

Even if you have the time needed to check all the listed shampoo ingredients, most of the time, you are simply unaware of the scientific names of products that contain gluten. Food sources like wheat, oat, rye, barley, etc. products are used in shampoo brands. And more importantly, they are listed by using their scientific names. For instance: hordeum vulgare (barley), secale cereale (rye), triticum vulgare (wheat), avena sativa (oats)! Isn't it shocking? There are a few other 'scientific references' that are found on shampoo labels, which are nothing but other names of gluten! For instance: amino peptide complex, samino peptide complex, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed malt extract, phytosphingosine extract, stearyldimoniumhydroxypropyl, hydroxypropyltrimonium, beta glucan, prolamine, maltodextrin, cyclodextrin, etc.

Apart from choosing a gluten-free shampoo and conditioner, there are a few things that you can do. Including, refraining from brands that are not guaranteed to be gluten-free or using incense free products that are marketed as gluten-free, etc. However, choosing incense free doesn't equal up to gluten-free! You still need to be sure that the shampoos and other hair care products that you are choosing are really gluten-free. In the same quest, you may be tempted to use organic shampoos. However, you need to remember that all organic doesn't mean that those products are gluten-free. Hence the median solution would be to use only those products that are guaranteed by manufacturers as gluten-free.

List of Gluten-free Shampoo Brands

Here is a brief list of some reliable and most importantly, gluten-free hair care products. For severely allergic patients, it is always advised to consult their dermatologist and health care provider first.
  • DHS Clear Shampoo Fragrance Free
  • Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo
  • Free & Clear Shampoo for Sensitive Skin
  • Gluten-Free Savonnerie Shampoo, Fragrance Free
  • Lavera Baby Neutral Hair & Body Shampoo
  • Lavera Neutral Hair & Body Shampoo
  • Logona Free Shampoo & Shower Gel
  • Magick Botannicals Fragrance Free Shampoo
  • Miessence Organics Organic Shampoo
  • Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo
  • Synergy Light Moisture Shampoo
  • Tate's Miracle Odorless Shampoo
List of Gluten-free Conditioner Brands

Here is a list of some reliable gluten-free conditioner brands that can be used by people who are suffering with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Take a look.
  • Alba Botanica Leave-in Conditioner, Fragrance Free
  • Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Conditioner
  • Desert Essence Organics Fragrance-free Conditioner
  • Earth Science Pure Essentials Fragrance-free Conditioner
  • Gluten-free Savonnerie Conditioner
  • Magick Botanicals Fragrance-free Conditioner
  • Morocco Method conditioners, all types
  • Tate's Natural Miracle Conditioner
The best thing about these above mentioned brands is that they are available for various age groups as well as hair conditions, which makes them an amazing thing to try on! For instance, many of these brands have their special range of baby shampoos, baby soaps, body wash, hair conditioner for normal to dry and normal to oily hair and shampoos for normal to dry, normal to oily hair, thinning hair, thick hair, etc., conditions. However, as I mentioned above, don't forget to consult your health care provider prior to their usage! Take care!