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CHI Vs. GHD Flat Iron: Know Which One is the Better Pick

CHI Vs. GHD Flat Iron
Brands are always a big deal when purchasing hair tools. One of the most common debates for a flat iron is CHI vs.GHD. So which one is a better pick? Read on.
Komal Bakhru
Hair Straighteners
Straight hair, curly hair, or curls done with a flat iron. There is so much you can choose from when you want an interesting look for your hair. The best part is, there's so much you can do with one good straightening iron. A good flat iron is hardly that hard to find these days. There are so many brands to choose from, e.g. Babyliss, FHI, Hot Tools, T3, Revlon, etc. But for most girls that love fashion, there is a constant dispute regarding CHI vs. GHD.
There's gotta be something there, right? After all, these are the most popular brands out there. What's funny is, there never seems to be another contender for either. It's always about comparing the GHD and the CHI with each other. So which one really is the better of the two? How about a little comparison to determine which one really is the best flat iron.
GHD Vs. CHI Hair Straightener
So, we finally got here. In all honesty, comparing a GHD vs. a CHI hair straightener is a bit of a task. They're almost similar when it comes to most features, so where does one begin? Maybe we can work one aspect at a time. Or even better, let's just work it out with comparisons regarding features of a CHI Turbo and a GHD Mk4. Maybe by the time we get done with the comparison to follow, all the girls out there will have a better idea of what they want. Moreover, why they want. Here it goes...
Technology The CHI flat iron comes with an integrated Nano Silver technology which is said to not only outshine other flat irons, but also kill bacteria, and sterilize. Although CHI irons do have an even heating system, it is difficult to ascertain if the technology used is the same as GHD. The GHD flat iron comes with an internal microprocessor that allows even heating over the ceramic plate, avoiding hot spots. This feature comes in handy when you want your hair to look evenly straight. An added advantage with this technology is that it protects the hair from getting damaged.
Heat Comparing may seem a tad pointless when it comes to this aspect of the irons. The CHI heats up to 370 degrees, but maybe not as quickly as a GHD. It takes roughly a minute as opposed to a few seconds. Just like the CHI, a GHD iron too heats up to 370 degrees. But there is an added advantage here. This flat iron heats up quicker than its opponent. What's more, the GHD works smoother than a CHI. You need lesser time for that perfectly straight hair look.
Design These irons are claimed to be ergonomically designed, making the process of hair straightening a lot easier. Unfortunately though, CHI irons aren't really designed to impress. They look okay, but do not go out of the way to call themselves stylish. Apart from that, the fact that the controls are inconveniently placed, makes it a bit of a hassle to handle. Yet again, the GHD seems to be doing a good job. A good place to start is the rounded barrel on this particular iron. For those of you who like the idea of soft curls with a flat iron, the GHD Mk4 is ideal. From perfect straight hair to waves, you can achieve all. Besides that, sleek look, and well placed controls (at the bottom, as opposed to the side controls on the CHI) are nothing more than a plus.
Power The CHI Turbo wins in this department. A ten foot long swivel cord, and lesser electricity consumption (just about 20-25 watts of electricity) make this flat iron more efficient in this respect. What we like about the CHI is that the length of the cord enables straightening of the hair from all over. One of the rare areas where the GHD acts like a bit of a miss rather than hit, this hot tool has a foot less of the power cord. At 9 feet, the cord seems a little short for convenient use, especially when it comes to ironing the back of your hair. It however, does come with the feature of sleep mode, if it hasn't been in use for over 30 minutes, thus acting like a power saver.
Price It may not be cheap, but a CHI iron is definitely cheaper than a GHD. A CHI Turbo iron normally retails close to $100. Believe me, you'll think it's a steal when you compare prices with the other. If you thought 100 bucks was too much to pay for a flat iron, hold you breath, because a GHD Mk4 costs roughly double. But if you are okay with spending anything up to $300, by all means, go on.
So that was it in regard with CHI vs. GHD. While both irons will last you forever, the price of a GHD is kinda heart-wrenching! But hey, if it works for you, a GHD is undoubtedly a fabulous buy.