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There is a head-on competition when it comes to decide the best between FHI vs. CHI. Here is an article for you to get some more help on the debate about hair care products. Read on...
Rutuja Jathar
Hair Dryer With Diffuser And Clipping Path
People with curly and unmanageable hair can literally put anything at stake to get that voluptuous and straighter mane. Trying various hair care products is one of them. When it comes to selecting the best hair straightening product, the competition gets more tough with so many brands bragging about their greatness. Two of such popular hair straightening product brands are FHI and CHI. The consumers find it really hard when it comes to selecting the best between FHI and CHI. Both are well-known companies with good reputation and great product reports, so what it is that makes one product to be superior than the other? Let's find out. But before that, let's get to know what exactly are FHI and CHI.
What is FHI?
First up, it's a brand of hair care products. FHI HEAT, Inc. is a brand of various hair care products like curling irons, blow dryers, ionic brushes, heat razors, straightening chemicals and especially the tourmaline flat irons. The FHI flat irons are made by using a special tourmaline technology, which is moisturizing for hair and also less harmful, according to the manufacturers. The FHI hair care products are suitable for every hair type and hence they are very popular. Approximate retail price of the FHI HEAT products ranges from USD 100 to USD 400, which is the reason why it is a recognized hair styling brand that competes with various top brands of hair appliances. The entry of FHI on the horizon on hair care itself brought forward the unending debate of FHI vs. CHI.
What is CHI?
The CHI hair straightener flat irons belongs to the Farouk Systems Group, which is a brand of beauty products and hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, hair dryers, heat razors, flat irons and other grooming products like nail polish and hand creams. The biggest reason behind the CHI flat irons being so much popular, is that they are lightweight and take less time heat up. The amount of hair damage which is caused by heated particles of flat irons is quite restricted with the CHI hair straighteners and flat irons. Like FHI, the CHI straightening products are also suitable for all hair types. However, the CHI hair products are one of the high cost hair straightening products, which is the reason why they are less preferred by the consumers. This is one of the winning point for FHI.
FHI Vs. CHI Flat Iron
To be frank, both FHI and CHI flat irons are relatively similar. They both offer relatively the same plate width and they also heat up relatively fast. They are also remain at the same temperature throughout the task of straightening hair with flat iron. The FHI flat iron comes with 1-, 1¼-, and 1¾-inch disks, while the CHI comes with 7-, 1- and 2-inch disks. Both these products also come with one year warranty. Many people opine that CHI flat iron is better than the FHI, since it gives you a strong grip and it also comes with a long iron swing cord. Both these things make CHI, a more convenient option. CHI also consumes less electricity and it bears ceramic plates that retain the hair moisture. However, this fact doesn't rule the FHI out of the contest, because the FHI contains tourmaline plates, that produce about 20 times more ions than ceramic, that are needed to retain the hair moisture!
FHI Vs. CHI Hair Dryer
Similar to the flat irons, both FHI and CHI hair dryers are made using a similar technology and as a result, both are equally better for hair styling products. Hence, in my opinion, if you want comfort + quality + high price, then you can opt for CHI hair dryer and if you want quality + less price then you can opt for FHI. It is all up to you! For your convenience, I am giving you the types of the hair dryers of both the brands. What more? Choose the best that appeals you! CHI TURBO 1541 Low EMF Hair Dryer, cost - USD 189; FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1800 Dryer, Cost - USD 162; CHI PRO Low EMF 1505 Hair Dryer, cost - USD 152; CHI Turbo Hair Dryer, cost - USD 139; FHI Nano Salon Pro 1900 Hair Dryer, cost - USD 160; Farouk CHI Pro Hair Dryer, cost - USD 104.
The debate about the superiority amongst FHI vs. CHI is there since a long period of time and surprisingly, all the remarks and product reviews have not moved each other's superiority to one bit. Hence, do not get into any of the debates and choose the one that you feel, is the best!