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Does Wen Hair Care Work?

Does Wen Hair Care Work?

Want to know whether does Wen hair care really work? Read the following article and find the answer to this question ...
Rutuja Jathar
Before answering any questions, let us tell you a bit more about the Wen Hair Care system in the first place. This is a line of hair care products, which is developed by a renowned celebrity hair stylist- Chaz Dean. It is a series of totally natural products that are free from the harsh chemicals that are present in the regular hair care products. These chemicals have several long term damaging effects on the hair. Well, let's find out how effectively Wen hair care works!

The Wen Hair Care System is a kit of five products, namely- cleansing conditioner, styling cream, re-moist intensive repair mask, texture balm, and a wide toothed comb. You need to apply the conditioner on wet hair and comb them with a wide-toothed comb for 5 minutes. Then apply the texture balm and styling cream subsequently. You are expected to use 16 pumps of the Wen cleansing conditioner for short hair and 32 pumps for long hair. The unique Wen hair Care products lack the sodium laurel sulfate, which is a soapy chemical that forms lather in various hair care products. These chemicals clean the hair, but they cause a gradual damage. Since such chemicals are not present in the Wen products, they bear a sort of creamy texture with less lather. According to the manufacturers, Wen Hair care products maintain the natural hair moisture, and hence, they can be the best solution for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. They also claim that these products are one of the better sources of nourishment for hair.

Is it Effective?

To find out the answer, we need to check for various Wen reviews. According to many customers, the effects of this product are pretty much heartening. Some of them also state that it is the best thing that they have used. Many people claimed that they got rid of the split ends and got well nourished hair within the first few uses of the product. As we know, Wen Hair Care products work great with all kinds of hair- wavy, straight, and curly. This fact makes this product even more versatile. Many people claimed that the Wen Hair Care products worked well with their dry and frizzy black hair. It means that the results about Wen for black hair are quite satisfactory.

However, there are a few drawbacks about the Wen products that we came across in some of the Wen Hair Care reviews. These drawbacks are mainly related with the extreme amount of moisture that this product leaves your hair with. Many customers complained that their hair felt over-moisturized and difficult to get styled. Since the Wen products are known for retaining and increasing the moisture level of the hair, many customers also complained about certain hair problems, like an oily scalp. Many women also said that they feel their hair are quite 'damp' and 'heavy' after using these products. All in all, the answer differs from person to person. Since each person's hair texture and quality is different, the results of Wen and other such products varies too. For some people, Wen is a miracle while for some it is a complete waste of money.

There are various exciting fragrances in which the Wen Hair Care products are available. Bring home its samples and see whether it works for you! Good luck!