Dandruff Treatment for Black-colored Hair

What is a natural dandruff treatment for black hair? To find the answer, keep reading...
HairGlamourista Staff
Dandruff is the dry, flaky skin on our scalp; the most frustrating and embarrassing issue for most of us. But what causes it? When our scalp develops scaly rashes that itch a lot, it results in dandruff. Besides our head, dandruff can also be noticed on the eyebrows, beard, chest, back, and groin areas. If a person has scruffy scalp, they are more prone to developing this issue. Other causes can be not washing hair properly or enough, poor diet choices, stress from work or school, and scalp fungus. This becomes a hassle, especially for people with black-colored hair, as the small, white flakes are clearly visible.
Natural Dandruff Treatment
Finding the right dandruff solution is not easy. We all have different hair textures, even though the color may be same. Our lifestyle, where we live, weather conditions, stress levels, etc. all add up to the whole deal considerably.
Fenugreek Seeds
For our first remedy, take a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds with enough water to submerge them. Leave the seeds to soak through the night. The next morning, drain the water and ground the seeds into a fine paste. Apply this paste directly on your scalp, and leave it to settle for 30 minutes. Later on, wash your hair with cold water properly.
Lime Juice
If you have severe dandruff, use 1 teaspoon of lime juice to wash your hair in. While shampooing, mix in 1 teaspoon of fresh lime juice in the water, and thoroughly soak your hair in it. This will prevent dandruff from returning, and make your hair silky smooth.
Aloe Vera
This next remedy can surprise you, but applying aloe vera gel over the scalp really helps. Get fresh leaves of aloe vera, and rub the gel into your scalp. Leave it overnight, and the next morning, shampoo regularly.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Pour and massage apple cider vinegar into your scalp. Take a clean cotton towel, and wrap it tightly around your head. Leave the towel on for 1 hour, and then wash your hair with warm water.
Almond Oil
Take enough almond oil in the palms of your hand, and massage it into your scalp thoroughly. Then, boil some water and dip a clean cotton towel in it. Be careful, use rubber gloves when you do this. Dip the towel properly, knead it, and wrap it properly around your head. To make this dandruff remedy a success, repeat the process 3―4 times. Once the towel gets cold, dip it in hot water, and wrap around the head again. Then, wash your hair properly with anti-dandruff shampoo.
If you have mild dandruff, massage your scalp with mouthwash. This will work as an antiseptic to your problem. But make sure, if you have broken, red, or inflamed skin, do not use the mouthwash as it might irritate the skin further.
As for finding the right treatment for your hair, you can try these treatments, and see the results. It may take couple of weeks before you can notice any differences. So be patient, eat right, sleep well, take as little stress as possible, and rid yourself of dandruff for good.