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Know Everything About Brittle Hair Breakage Before It's Too Late

Brittle Hair Breakage
Having brittle hair that breaks at the drop of a hat can be a very annoying condition. Many women tend to spend a lot of money to prevent hair breakage. To avoid this problem, and to restore the health of your hair, it is essential to take care of your crowing glory in a proper way.
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Every woman dreams of healthy hair that is long, thick and looks lustrous. But owing to the lifestyle and exposure to factors like dirt, dust and pollution, etc. hair begins to look dull and tends to lose its sheen. Improper maintenance of hair also leads to dull hair and breakage. Hair loss due to brittleness can also occur due to some underlying health problems. Brittle hair looks dry, frizzy and split ends may be seen not only at the tips, but even in the entire length of the hair. There are many causative factors for the occurrence of dry, dull hair which may snap even at a slight friction.
Brittle Hair Causes
Dry, frizzy hair that looks like bristles is one of the signs that denotes hair damage. Brittle hair can be caused due to a variety of reasons, most of which can be resolved.
Washing hair
Persistent washing of hair can result in dry, damaged hair. Daily washing of the hair can strip the natural oils that are produced in the scalp, leading to loss of moisture and luster. Certain shampoos contain harsh chemicals that tend to make the scalp drier. So individuals having dry hair must rinse their hair with a mild shampoo.
Woman in sunlight
Climate can also hamper the health of your hair. Over exposure to sun, dust and pollution can make the hair lose its essential nutrients, thereby damaging the hair and making it dry and brittle.
Styling hair
Styling your hair with flat irons, perms, hair colors, overuse of blow dryers and relaxers can damage the hair.
Anemia with stethoscope
Malnutrition and anemia are two factors that lead to dry, brittle hair. Dry hair is an indication that the hair does not get the omega 3 essential fatty acids, that give the hair a glowing sheen. A malnourished person does not get the beneficial nutrients that are required by the body. Anemia can also lead to frizzy and dry hair. Anemia and malnutrition can also lead to brittle hair in children, as well as adults.
Anerexia nervosa
Anorexia is another health condition that leads to damaged hair. Depriving the body of food can make your hair lose its shine, softness and luster. In fact, dull hair is a symptom of anorexia.
Thyroid and stethoscope
Thyroid hormone deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism, along with fatigue, weakness and thinning of hair. If this condition is left untreated it can lead to several other complications.
Brittle Hair Treatment
Improper hair care, stress, illness and poor nutrition can lead to breakage. This condition is reversible if you follow certain natural methods for treating this hair problem. These remedial measure can help you get back your crowning glory,
Flaxseed oil
Applying flaxseed oil to your hair is beneficial as it is rich in vitamin E. Massaging the scalp also helps in improving blood circulation and supports healthy growth of hair.
Olive oil
Olive oil for hair is an excellent home remedy to improve the health of hair. Applying warm olive oil to the scalp helps nourish dry, brittle hair.
Lime juice with coconut oil
Apply a mixture of lime juice, lime water and warm coconut oil to the hair to repair split ends and strengthen the roots.
Green vegetables
Include foods like green leafy vegetables, fish like salmon, chicken and eggs in your diet to promote healthy hair growth. These foods have a rich content of protein that help repair brittle hair. Apart from these foods make sure your body is well-hydrated. So drink sufficient water to compensate the loss of moisture.
Vitamin words
A healthy intake of vitamins A, C, E and biotin (also referred to as vitamin H) will also help get rid of hair and scalp problems.
Woman with ambrella
Avoid over exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Cover your head with a scarf or carry an umbrella before stepping out in the sun.
Dryness in hair makes it look unkempt and unsightly. Brittle hair breakage can be avoided by following a proper hair care regimen, eating a well-balanced meal and avoiding hair styling products as much as you can.