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Best Temporary Hair Dye Brands

Best Temporary Hair Dye Brands

A common reason to dye one's hair was to hide gray locks. But today, changing your hair color is considered fashionable and desirable. Hence, temporary hair dyes that wash in and out, are in vogue. To find out more about the best temporary hair dye brands, keep reading.
Divya Bichu
Hair has great social importance. It accentuates your look further. You also want your hair to look different and nice every time. So, you color your hair, try different haircuts, hairstyles and various other hair treatments. Your hair is put through so many chemicals in the due course, which ultimately makes it brittle and lusterless. Now, coloring your hair is normally perceived as being permanent and involves the use of chemicals to enable easy combing and styling. But you have those crazy days when you want to color your hair blood-red for a Saturday night party and want your normal hair color on Monday. Is that possible? Yes! Temporary hair dyes are used for this purpose. Since these hair dyes do not penetrate the outer cuticle layer, they do not cause much damage to your hair either. Many use these dyes to cover their gray hair as well, since they are afraid that permanent hair dye can cause hair damage to a great extent, while others use it on a special occasion to get a desirable hair color.
About Temporary Hair Dyes
Temporary hair dyes are usually available in various forms like gels, mousse, sprays, creams, foam and shampoos. They have less chemicals as compared to permanent hair dye, since the color is not meant to remain. Temporary hair dyes work on your hair and not the roots, they do not penetrate the outer cuticle of your hair but rather get absorbed by the hair shaft to give you the desired color. They are used by people who love to change their hair color to match their outfits or moods, since the color is easily washed out in a few shampoos. Temporary hair dyes are also a good way to determine if the hair color suits you before you permanently dye your hair that color. Even if these products are only absorbed by the hair shaft, the use of wrong products can cause hair damage. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best temporary hair dye brand, since some products have harsh chemicals that can cause serious hair damage.
Best Temporary Hair Dye Brands
Manic Panic

Manic Panic uses superior ingredients, that are vegan and the best in the league of temporary hair dye brands. Manic Panic DYEHARD is available in gel form that is applied to your hair for the desired color. It washes out instantly in one go. There are 11 colors available. The 11 colors include 5 neon shades, which glow in black light. Wow! Style your hair or color it up using Manic panic DYEHARD and wash it out instantly after the special occasion.


Fanci-full is one of the best brands available for temporary hair dye. First and foremost, it is ammonia free and absolutely safe if you plan to use it. It does not use harsh chemicals, in fact, it leaves your hair looking shinier and softer than before. Since it is a temporary hair color, you can add a fresh new tone or shade to your hair everyday. This brand offers you seven different colors. You can also customize them, that is, mix these color tones to get a perfect hue. Moreover, using this dye is no hassle, you just have to dab on the color with a cotton ball or pour it on your head and then gently work it through your hair with your fingers. It proves to be gentle enough for daily use.

Clairol Jazzing

Jazzing comes in 18 shades that range from soft subtle colors to bold dramatic shades, all of them being ammonia free. All these shades are inter mixable that lets you have a color shade of your choice. It comes in an easy applicator bottle. You just need to squeeze some color on your hand and work it onto your hair. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes, then rinse and shampoo. The result is smooth shiny hair. You can also have long-lasting results with this product by using a heat treatment process after its application.

Kevin Murphy Color.Bug

This revolutionizing wipe-on and wipe-off color, has made coloring hair effortless and so much fun. It is like wearing make-up; once you are done with the occasion, just wipe it off. Color.Bug is available in the form of pressed powder that you have to just rub into your hair. Application-wise it is definitely fast compared to the others in this league. You have to apply a hair product before you use Color.Bug to ensure the hair does not dry out. Apply the product soon after and notice the bright color. To seal the color, you are required to use your regular hair serum or leave-in conditioner. Don't forget to wear gloves during the process as color can come off on your hands. Color.Bug is available in pink, purple and orange.

Clairol Herbal Essences ColorFlirt Mousse

If you are looking for monthly commitment to a particular color, Clairol Herbal Essences ColorFlirt Mousse works the best. No ammonia. No peroxide. This easy-to-use product allows you to retain a particular color for at least a month. It comes in mousse form, which makes it easy to spread through the length of your hair and covers it evenly throughout. It gives your hair a silky brilliant shine along with a great fragrance.
It is recommended that you always wear gloves when applying dye on your hair, to avoid the color from staining your hands. It is also better to apply Vaseline around your neckline and behind your ears to prevent the color from staining your skin. Pick the hair dye that suits your needs the best, and get that desirable hair color or just get your natural color back in a snap!