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Best Sea Salt Spray

Getting a tousled, casual, wavy hairstyle is quite easy with the use of sea salt sprays available in the market. This article talks about the best ones available, which give your hair the perfect beachy look.
HairGlamourista Staff
Loose wavy locks are quite easy to get with the use of a sea salt spray. If you use this product, you don't need to spend hours styling your hair in order to get that 'just out of the beach' look. Sea salt waves, as this style is often called, is easy to get and easy to wash off as well. Many of you would be spending hours in the beauty salon perming or relaxing your traces, to give them the loose wavy look. Although, those who love to give their hair a soft wavy touch, just need to get the spray. Today, they are widely used, and hence, there are many products available in the market.
Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray
Want to look like you just stepped out of the sea? Then this is the perfect product. It contains ProMineral complex of dead sea salts and 26 minerals, which give your hair a soft finish with added bounce. Also, with the sunflower extracts, your hair gets the right nourishment and shine, which keeps it fresh and healthy.
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Beach Spray
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Beach Spray is the best one to get that perfect windswept look, like you have spent a day at the beach. It is a unique combination of marine botanicals. It works like an intense moisturizer and helps nourish your locks. It uses ocean water and hydrating Seasilk, which protects your locks from sun damage, gives weightless volume, and creates sexy waves which enhance your looks. Also, its anti-aging properties keep your hair strong and improve its texture.
KMS California Hair Play
Get cool wavy thick hair without spending a minute at the beach, with this product. Hair play is one of the most popular products amongst girls who love wavy hairstyles. Styling hair with this product will leave it soft and frizz free. This adds volume to your hair, hence, it is a perfect pick for fine-haired women. What's more, the active ingredients in this product reconstruct internal hair damage and soften the strands, giving an overall classy finish.
How to Use
Using a sea salt spray is simple, and it is the least time-consuming way to get wavy hair. Spray it thoroughly on your wet hair; the amount required is mentioned on the bottles. After this, just scrunch your locks section by section around your fingers. This will help set the waves. Let it air dry, or if required, blow dry your hair (as mentioned on the bottle). If required, finish with a moisturizing hair spray. As most of these products contain moisturizers, you won't need an extra product for setting or styling, and giving a finishing touch.
Apart from the aforementioned, there are many other hair care products which can be tried out. But this needs to be accompanied by hair care, as over use of such products might harm your hair.