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Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

For damaged hair the best conditioner is one that provides deep conditioning. Here are the best products reviewed and other useful tips...
Naomi Sarah
We're constantly skimming stores for products that'll transform damaged hair within days or even minutes; but have you made a smart choice when you arrive at the checkout counter? Today, we have hundreds of products screaming mixed messages of what it can and cannot do for you. We will dig into the best conditioner for damaged hair, that comes in a wide range of choices.

What You Need to Know
You need to first deep condition your hair, which targets the outer layer - the cuticle. They overlap each other and should ideally be laid flat out. When hair turns damaged, these cuticles rise up away from the shaft of the hair. This is how hair has a subdued, frizzy look. To smoothen these stubborn cuticles, you need a product that will tame them to laying down straight, automatically making it look vibrant, silky and damage free. A deep conditioner minimizes the harm done to hair and can replenish it to stay sleek, making it easy to manage.

What a deep conditioner cannot do, is to completely rid your hair of all its damage. It restores what it can by protecting it from further damage - you can trim off the ends of your hair so that new hair can grow, giving the conditioner for damaged hair a chance to protect new hair from any future attacks like pollution, exposure to the sun hair straightening and blow drying. Remember, you need to constantly trim hair in order to avoid the damaged cuticle from reaching hair far up. A good haircut or trimming session should ideally be done every 6 months.

A Creme is what one applies after they shampoo their hair, as directed by the product's instructions (when a product states that it must be massaged into the hair, coating it from the top of the hair away from the scalp, to the ends). This is also known as a detangler, meant only to coat the outer layer of hair to lessen damage, but not meant to penetrate the scalp area, which can have adverse effects. It isn't a deep conditioner if instructions say to keep it on for 1-3 minutes.

As opposed to cremes and detanglers, a deep conditioner's effects are long-lasting and can be used once a week or once a month, and is usually left on for 15-20 minutes, and meant also for the scalp. Always read the back of the product to ensure it isn't a creme/detangler, as these cannot substitute the effects/use of deep conditioning.

Getting Started
Arrange all that you need to get started on your deep conditioning routine.
  • Hair brush to remove tangles
  • Select a desired shampoo and rinse your hair before you towel dry it
  • Deep conditioner product
  • Clips to part hair into sections
  • Shower cap
Applying Conditioner for Damaged Hair
These are the steps you have to follow while applying conditioner for damaged hair:
  • Part your hair from the center of your scalp to make two wide sections. After you have your two parted sections, lift one side of the section with the end of your comb leaving the rest of your hair down, but a small section in your hand.
  • Apply a thin film of conditioner to this section and clip it onto your head (for those with very long hair, pile it up and do not apply too many clips). In this fashion, continue to take small sections off each side and when done with applying the conditioner, clip it in parts and try not to clutter.
  • After all sections are conditioned evenly and clipped in place, put on the shower cap. This seals in the moisture from the conditioner and allows it to penetrate your hair and scalp by opening up the pores.
  • Leave this on for 15-20 minutes or as directed by the conditioner you've chosen. Occupy yourself with chores or anything to while away the time.
  • When the time's up, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water, as this removes the conditioner easily, closing off pores to trap in the conditioner. Remember to rinse well to avoid it from clumping/leaving residue on your scalp.
How Do I Choose the Best Conditioner?

Your hair craves attention as everyday styling and outdoor elements further the damage done to your hair. Here is a list of knowing what to do to pamper and rediscover beautiful hair:

Chemical Based Products

Infusium 23: There are an array of different hair care products under Infusium 23, specifically made for damaged hair, under the 'Repair and Renew' collection. The conditioners under this product line are a blend of ingredients that ensures your hair is treated in texture by eliminating damaged hair cuticles from further splitting, and breakage caused by hair styling techniques.

Kerastase - Ciment Anti-Usure: Kerastase's range of products are a sure way to boost your hair into having life again. This conditioner avoids that weighing down sensation with it being light and gentle on hair. It is an instant way of detangling stubborn tangles, lessening the chance of breakage due to its entrapping effect on mid lengths and ends.

L'Oreal Mega Moisture Nurturing Crème: If your hair has been choking on chemicals that you've infused into your hair from hair coloring, permanent straightening, perming and so on, then this provides an apt solution to smoothen out your hair to make it easy to manage. Use this crème as a way of detangling knots in your hair but strictly avoiding usage on the scalp area since this isn't a deep conditioning product.

Nutragena Triple Moisture Deep Conditioner Professional: For that silky feel to once dry hair. It converts drab hair by deep moisturizing techniques into suppleness that is evident with every use. It suits hair that has overly endured chemical use and styling to a point where it seems hopeless to fix, using the best conditioner for dry hair is important to avoid wild frizz attacks. It has deep conditioning results as well and contains ingredients like meadowfoam seed, sweet almond and olive to penetrate, moisten and wrap hair in a protective coating.

Pantene Pro-V - Breakage Defense: Depending on the damage extensiveness of your hair, Breakage Defense can offer results of up to 90% in a month. It incorporates a method of avoiding hair breakage as it coats hair in a protective shield, also allowing you to keep hair longer instead of constantly cutting it off due to bad maintainability. For those of you with split ends, getting rid of them before you start on a solution is advisable, to avoid further damage that forces you to cut it off every time you grow your hair. Suitable for those who want long hair instead of chopping it off in frustration.

Organic Based Products

Nature Girl - Roots Rock: Teaming with ingredients from nature itself, this everyday use conditioner contains vegetable hair oils, hibiscus flower extract and organic essential oils to protect hair from damage. This helps hair that has succumbed to frailty due to constant styling or from chemical products.

Organix Awakening Mocha Espresso: This should set your smell sensations tingling, with scents ranging from mocha made from cocoa bean oils, to espresso bean extracts with a shimmery glaze from added sheer silk products, available. This ensures that one is able to tame tresses with an overall appearance of a healthy lustrous sheen. It is eco-friendly with recycled resin barring the use of petrochemicals. To allow yourself the luxury of a first-class hair treatment session, indulge a little to benefit your hair; after all, your hair is your biggest asset. Work on getting it back in shape to avoid further damage that may ultimately lead to hair loss or scraggly hair. Remember, start from the hair roots and work your way to the ends, replenishing each strand to stay strong and healthy.

John Masters Organics - Lavender and Avocado: This intensive conditioner blends 10 different oil extracts that are organic in nature, consisting of ingredients like lavender oil that slows down the process of hair fall, while also treating the scalp's skin layer against inflammatory problems such as dermatitis and eczema; avocado oil to moisturize as well as condition; amica that keeps skin hydrated encouraging the growth of hair; white tea that gives the scalp area and hair a detoxifying effect; and soy protein, that strengthens hair follicles making it look full-bodied with added shine, thus allowing you to retrieve what your hair lost.

Hamadi Shea Rice Milk: This conditioner is another good way of breaking-loose tangles while using Shea butter as both a moisturizing agent and sunscreen that protects your hair and scalp from the harsh sunlight. Rice milk present in the conditioner builds up hair and tends to the scalp as well. It mentioned that hair may feel rough or dry when it is wet, but this is only because the conditioner is working its way from the inside of your hair to the outer layers. When it is dry the effects will be visible and evident to the touch. Key ingredients are Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. After shampooing your hair, apply it from mid-length of your hair, concentrating more on your roots; rinse well.

Aveda - Damage Remedy Reconstructing Conditioner: This allows you to rebuild strength in weak hair from exposure to chemicals, styling and outdoor elements. It blends sandalwood, phellodendron, and barley, to smoothen out cuticles gone haywire. It also protects hair from heat damage from styling techniques as well as aids in detanglement. It contains Quinos protein that instantaneously repairs damage and makes hair strong from within, and wheat protein that constitutes as a repair agent towards damage caused by styling methods. Essential oils include Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Mandarin, that emanate aromatic odors.

Without a conditioner, your hair lacks that one component that will seal in all that it needs to repair itself, ultimately reflecting the positive results of that product. So don't forget to keep a good conditioner among your stash of hair care products. Stay consistent in taking care of your hair, and you can rest assured that your hair will bounce back to life in no time.