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Types of Hair Weaves for White Girls and How to Do it Right

Weaves for White Girls
When selecting hair weaves, there are many things that you need to take in consideration. Here are important tips that will help you get an attractive hairstyle.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
I really don't get all the fuss about white girls wearing weaves or hair extensions. The truth is, everybody, including the Asians, Puerto Ricans, and even Italians, wear weaves with equal elegance. After all, the ultimate motive is the same - a long, beautiful hairstyle.
Celebrities, both black and white, have moved beyond realms in experimenting with hairstyles, thus, making hair weaving all the more omnipresent. So, how about finally curling up with envying those black hair weave styles, while getting a weave done yourself, and change your appearance, entirely? But wait, it isn't that easy. Some terms and conditions need to be followed, before you opt for sporting a weave hairstyle done onto your natural locks.
Hair Weaves for White Women
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Types of Weaves
You know, you really can't just move out one fine day, reach a beauty salon, and get hair weaving done without a tad research. You have no idea how hair weaving could affect your natural hairstyle. You need to know that hair weaves come in two forms: synthetic and natural. While synthetic hair weaves are used for twisting and braiding hairstyles, natural weaves are often brought into use for free-flowing hair.
Well, you're wise enough, for you understand the negatives of synthetic hair. They damage your natural hair, irritate your skin, and ultimately, are fake. So, natural hair weaves are easily available in salons, in an indeed, wide variety. Asians have beautiful straight hair, while Europeans boast of their vintage curls. It's upon you to decide what hair weaves will suit your hair texture the best. Well, so does the cost!
How It's Done
When it comes to doing weaves for white ladies, strand colors like chocolate brown, burgundy, or even black, look extremely beautiful. You see, weaving is a patient process, and you need to sit for hours in front of the mirror to get it done.
If you're contemplating on weaving your hair, better get a professional hair stylist do it for you. What's more, those stylists have a number of options to suggest the best weave hairstyles for white girls. So, when you have 20-40 strands of hair in your hand, the stylist will apply each of the strands by sectioning your hair. This application is done through heat fusion, clamping, or waxing. However, if you are more into applying wefts or group of hair that's free flow till the bottom, you have two hair weaving techniques to get it done: hand or machine. While handmade weaving is expensive but more natural looking, the one by machine method is fairly less in price.
Maintaining Your Weave
Whether a weave is sewed, glued, or clamped, it stays for good two months. However, managing and caring is an ongoing process, and shall not be compromised on. To tell you the truth, when hair is weaved, chances are, it will lose its luster and moisture, for it will not get the necessary nutrition. Hence, weaved hair calls for regular shampooing, conditioning, and oiling.
Weaves should always be considered as natural hair, and no excessive chemical treatments should be exposed to them. It is always a wise decision to leave the weaves as they are, without burning them or experimenting with them any further.
White girls look equally beautiful with hair weaves. If you don't believe me, you could simply browse through pictures of those celebrity actresses who've got weaving done, and are shining high on the silver screen.
Hair weaving is a fantastic idea to move over those mundane tresses you've been donning since ages. But remember, with every positive comes a series of negatives too. Hair weaving may look attractive to you, but managing it is a gargantuan task.
You have to manage the additional stress on your scalp, see hair falling often, and much more. However, essential hair care tips will help you combat all hair problems. Remember, you cannot enjoy the transition unless you take care of it with all your heart. So, without much anxiety and second thoughts, try getting it done once. You won't be disappointed.
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