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Top 5 Flat Iron Hair Straighteners That Give Silky Straight Hair

Top 5 Flat Iron Hair Straighteners
Straight hair has always been in vogue. Using a flat iron hair straightener is the perfect way to straighten your hair. In this article, you will find information on the top 5 flat iron hair straighteners.
Madhura Pandit
People with frizzy or curly hair always wish to have straight hair. This is applicable to both, women as well as men. Straight hair has always been considered 'hot' or 'in'. You must have tried straightening your hair with a comb or with the help of a blow dryer. Blow-drying your hair is the simplest and easiest method of straightening your hair. But, it is not that effective as it does not last long. Using a flat iron is the best way to straighten wavy or curly hair.
Flat Iron Straighteners
Flat iron is an instrument used for straightening hair. Some women also use the ordinary clothes iron to straighten hair. But, this is extremely risky and can damage your hair to no end, and this method should be completely avoided. So, how to straighten hair at home? As mentioned above, you can use a flat iron for straightening hair temporarily, at home. Choosing the best hair straightener is very important if you want to avoid hair damage.
Ceramic Straightener
Hair straighteners are broadly divided into those with ceramic plates and those with metal plates. Ceramic plate flat irons heat up quickly and also remain heated for a long time. There is better temperature control and less damage of hair. They are also easy to handle. Due to all these advantages, the cost of straighteners with ceramic plates is higher than those with metal plates. The price of a ceramic hair straightener can range from $40-$200.
Sedu Straightener
This is considered as one of the best hair straighteners in the market today, after admitted being used by Jennifer Aniston. It has a faster heat-up time, thanks to the tourmaline or ceramic plates. The plates of this straightener are ultra smooth, which prevents pulling and breaking of hair. There is less damage of hair, and the hair becomes smoother and silkier. It is easy to use and also has a long-lasting effect. Sedu flat irons are also easily available in the market, and their price ranges from $90-$200.
Steam Iron Straightener
The best feature of a steam iron hair straightener is that it can be used for wet as well as dry hair. You can use it on damp or towel-dried hair. It has vents along its sides that help in removing moisture from your hair. All other flat irons have to be used only on dry hair. But, steam iron straighteners can be damaging for extremely dry or frizzy hair. The price of this straightener is between $40-$100.
Ionic Flat Iron Straightener
Ionic flat irons have a special benefit as they have variable temperature settings which can be used for different types of hair. It has ridges which makes straightening curly or wavy hair much easier. But, one of the important things to remember is that iconic flat irons should only be used on dry hair. You should not expose your hair to any hair products prior to straightening. Lastly, another benefit of an ionic flat iron is that it saves energy. Bio-ionic hair straighteners are expensive, and can cost in between $100-$300.
Cordless Straightener
Now, if you are looking for a portable and handy hair straightener, you can use a cordless one. Yes, these straighteners can be used anywhere, on the beach, in the park, while traveling, just anywhere. These are operated by batteries, and do not require electricity cord. They can heat up in less than 20 seconds and can last for 1 hour (when fully charged). You should look for ceramic cordless hair straighteners. These are available from $20 to $50; mostly, inclusive of a battery charger.
Chemical Hair Straightener
If you are looking for something more permanent straightener than a flat iron, then you can consider going for chemical hair straightening. In this method, high quality hair products are used to permanently straighten hair; i.e., hair remains straight until it grows out. Although do-it-yourself kits are available in the market, they are not recommended. Permanent hair straightening should always be done by a professional hair expert or stylist. Secondly, you should also remember that there are high chances of hair getting damaged due to this process.
Solia, wet and dry straighteners are the other types of flat iron hair straighteners. I am recommending you to buy a good quality hair straightener, and you will soon find that it is worth the price. They are available in various sizes and designs, meant for all types and patterns of hair. Therefore, while buying, make sure you choose the one suitable to your hair type.
If you covet silky straight hair, do not compromise on any aspect and choose the best flat iron. You will enjoy your newly gained appearance and confidence! Ciao!
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