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How to Get a Stacked Bob Haircut and Look Absolutely Wonderful

Stacked Bob Haircut
A stacked bob can transform a simple bob into a stylish bob. Read on, to learn how to cut a stacked bob...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Stacked bob looks good on any type of hair. However, it is a very good haircut for hair that are lacking volume. Thin fine hair, when cut with a short stacked bob can look voluminous and stylish. These bobs also look good on wavy hair. A stacked bob can be done on a blunt bob. However, to gel this style with the recent trends you can try for an inverted style stacked bob, and accompany it with some stylish bangs. And with few hair color streaks, you can make this haircut look even more unique.
A stacked bob emphasizes the head and accentuates certain features of the face at the same time it makes your neck look longer. Here are some hair cutting and styling tips you should know, before going for a stacked bob.
How to Cut a Stacked Bob?
First shampoo hair clean. You can also use a conditioner. Then towel dry your hair. It is important that you don't completely dry them, because wet hair should be maintained while cutting them. Wet hair are easier to cut, you can keep a spray water bottle near you, in case your hair become dry. Stacked bob is nothing but layering done at the back of your head in such a way, that the hair at the crown look thicker, which means the hair on the top layer are kept shortest and then gradually longer layers are cut. Before you start layering your hair at the crown, first you need to decide the hair length and style of the cut. If you wish to go for an inverted stacked bob, then you need to cut the hair at the nape of the neck shorter and longer at the sides. To make your cut look even more stylish, you can keep the sides asymmetrical.
However, if you wish to go with a simpler cut, then go with a plain blunt cut or a 'U' shaped cut. Remember, when cutting wet hair which are naturally wavy or curly, cut the hair longer. Because, wavy or curly hair will spring up after the hair becomes dry. After cutting the hair ends and satisfied with the length, it is time to stack cut the hair. To do this, decide the shortest layer's length on the crown. Then start cutting your hair into an increasing amount of layers. For more volume, cut more layers. However, if you already have good volume in your natural hair, then stick to lesser layers. After this, part your hair and check. To go for stacked bob haircut with bangs, take the front section of your hair, make it wet and comb it. Decide on the length and style of bangs. If you want to go for a Cleopatra style straight bangs, then cut your hair straight near the eyebrow level. For haircut with bangs that sweep to one side, hold the front section at 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make the cut.
Curly Stacked Bob Style
If you want to add more volume and bounce to your hair then consider styling it curly. You can simply curl all the hair into thin ringlets. This will give a fun and shaggy style. But, in case you want a bit more of a romantic look then style the down half of your hair into soft wispy curls. There are various ways to style hair curly. If you wish to get well-defined thin curls use small-sized rollers. To get soft wispy hair use a curling product like a hair serum or sea salt spray and scrunch the hair.
Adding Highlight and Lowlights
To add some more style to your new haircut, you can consider these hair color ideas. People who have thin hair, can consider highlights and lowlights. This way the hair will look even more textured and stylish. Blonds can go with darker shades of blonde color or brown shades of lowlights. Highlights for blonde can be platinum or lighter shades of chocolate. Brunettes can go with highlights of copper, honey, wheat and ash.
Maintaining Your Stacked Bob Style
Styling and maintaining this bob is very easy. After shampooing your hair, part the hair. Take care that the layers fall properly the way they are intended to fall on the sides. Then brush your hair. To maintain your stacked bob, you will need to get a trim from the stylist every 3-4 weeks, depending upon your hair growth. To prevent your hair highlights or lowlights from fading away early, avoid exposing them to the sun. You can also use hair care products, that are specially made for colored hair.
So, go to a stylist and get this haircut done, and add some highlights to make the haircut look even more stylish. However, if you have some experience in hair cutting, then you can use the above tips to cut your own hair.
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